Manadas, Bruno José Fernandes Oliveira

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Manadas, Bruno José Fernandes Oliveira
Manadas, Bruno
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12-Nov-2020Analysis of the hippocampal and cortex proteome of mice exposed to psychotropic medicationSanta, Cátia João Monteiro dadoctoralThesisembargoedAccess
22014Analysis of the prefrontal cortex proteome of mice exposed to psychotropic medicationSaraiva, Susana CostamasterThesisopenAccess
328-Sep-2018Biomarker Discovery in Alzhemeir and Parkinson's Disease: a proteomics approach to PBMCsSilva, Rafael Ribeiro Santos masterThesisembargoedAccess
421-Feb-2008Brain-derived neurotrophic factor induced changes in the proteome of cultured hippocampal neuronsManadas, Bruno José Fernandes Oliveira doctoralThesisopenAccess
527-Sep-2019Comprehensive characterization of the brain proteome of a 6-OHDA animal model: new insights into Parkinson's diseaseSilva, Sofia Cristóvão Alves Fernandes damasterThesisembargoedAccess
6Sep-2015Desenvolvimento de um método analítico para quantificação de catecolaminas por LC-MS/MSSilva, Diogo Miguel Martins masterThesisopenAccess
717-Jul-2017Development and validation of an analytical method for quantification of dopamine metabolism in plasma samples by LC-MS/MSDias, Ana Sofia Abrantes masterThesisembargoedAccess
8Sep-2013Development and validation of an analytical method for quantification of psychotropic drugs in biological samples by LC-MS/MSPinto, Joana Catarina Amaral masterThesisopenAccess
924-Feb-2017Défice Cognitivo Ligeiro e Doença de Alzheimer: as diferenças numa perspetiva proteómicaFreitas, Ana Karolina Seco das Neves masterThesisembargoedAccess
1115-Feb-2017DJ‐1 neuronal rescue under oxidative stress: implications for Parkinson's diseaseAnjo, Sandra Isabel dos Santos doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
12Apr-2021GMP-grade nanoparticle targeted to nucleolin downregulates tumor molecular signature, blocking growth and invasion, at low systemic exposureFonseca, Nuno A.; Gregório, Ana C.; Mendes, Vera M.; Lopes, Rui; Abreu, Teresa ; Gonçalves, Nélio ; Manadas, Bruno ; Lacerda, Manuela ; Figueiredo, Paulo; Pereira, Marta; Gaspar, Manuela; Colelli, Fabiana; Pesce, Daniela; Signorino, Giacomo; Focareta, Laura; Fucci, Alessandra; Cardile, Francesco; Pisano, Claudio; Cruz, Tony ; Almeida, Luís; Moura, Vera ; Simões, Sérgio; Moreira, João N. articleembargoedAccess
13Sep-2015Identification of biomarkers for schizophreniaVentura, Vanessa Sofia Santos masterThesisopenAccess
142004Intracellular signaling mechanisms in photodynamic therapyAlmeida, Ramiro D. ; Manadas, Bruno J. ; Carvalho, Arsélio P. ; Duarte, Carlos B. articleopenAccess
156-May-2021Mechanomodulation of the mesenchymal stem cell proteome elucidation of mechanisms and evaluation as a therapeutic opportunityDomingues, Catarina de Barros Pinto SalvadordoctoralThesisembargoedAccess
16Oct-2005Neuroprotection by BDNF against glutamate-induced apoptotic cell death is mediated by ERK and PI3-kinase pathwaysAlmeida, R. D. ; Manadas, B. J. ; Melo, C. V. ; Gomes, J. R. ; Mendes, C. S. ; Grãos, M. M. ; Carvalho, R. F. ; Carvalho, A. P. ; Duarte, C. B. articleopenAccess
1712-Jul-2017Neuroproteomics: understanding the molecular effects of Haloperidol chronic therapy in mouse striatumCoelho, Joana Francisca dos Santos da Costa Lopes masterThesisembargoedAccess
1817-Jul-2017Oxidative Stress Biomarkers: Closer to early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases?Salvado, Ruben Joel Bispo masterThesisembargoedAccess
192016Oxidoreductase protein family interaction with DJ-1 and oxidative stress-induced modulation of HADHA interactomeFerreira, Andreia Sofia da Costa de Mónica masterThesisembargoedAccess
202013Quantification of glucose turnover and Cori cycling in ATGL-knockout mice by [U- 13C6]glucose infusion and LC-MS/MS analysis of glucose 13C-isotopomersCoelho, Maria Margarida Serra masterThesisopenAccess
212006Sample sonication after trichloroacetic acid precipitation increases protein recovery from cultured hippocampal neurons, and improves resolution and reproducibility in two-dimensional gel electrophoresisManadas, Bruno J. ; Vougas, Konstantinos ; Fountoulakis, Michael ; Duarte, Carlos B. articleopenAccess
22Dec-2013Unveiling the effects of the secretome of mesenchymal progenitors from the umbilical cord in different neuronal cell populationsFraga, J. S. ; Silva, N. A. ; Lourenço, A. S. ; Gonçalves, V. ; Neves, N. M. ; Reis, R. L. ; Rodrigues, A. J. ; Manadas, B. ; Sousa, N. ; Salgado, A. J. articleopenAccess