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Cavaleiro, A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Nov-2014Adsorption of bovine serum albumin on Zr co-sputtered a-C(:H) films: implication on wear behaviourEscudeiro, A. ; Polcar, T. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
22003A certified reference material for the scratch testJacobs, R. ; Meneve, J. ; Dyson, G. ; Teer, D. G. ; Jennett, N. M. ; Harris, P. ; Stebut, J. von ; Comte, C. ; Feuchter, P. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Ronkainen, H. ; Holmberg, K. ; Beck, U. ; Reiners, G. ; Ingelbrecht, C. D. articleopenAccess
32000Characterisation of Ti1-xSixNy nanocomposite filmsVaz, F. ; Rebouta, L. ; Goudeau, P. ; Pacaud, J. ; Garem, H. ; Rivière, J. P. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Alves, E. articleopenAccess
42006Characterization of magnetron co-sputtered W-doped C-based filmsSilva, C. W. Moura e ; Branco, J. R. T. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
52005Determination of the sp3 C content of a-C films through EELS analysis in the TEMGalvan, D. ; Pei, Y. T. ; Hosson, J. Th. M. De ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
62005Effect of germanium addition on the properties of reactively sputtered ZrN filmsPilloud, D. ; Pierson, J. F. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Lucas, M. C. Marco de articleopenAccess
72003Effects of the morphology and structure on the elastic behavior of (Ti,Si,Al)N nanocompositesCarvalho, S. ; Ribeiro, E. ; Rebouta, L. ; Vaz, F. ; Alves, E. ; Schneider, D. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
82001Elastic properties of (Ti,Al,Si)N nanocomposite filmsCarvalho, S. ; Vaz, F. ; Rebouta, L. ; Schneider, D. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Alves, E. articleopenAccess
915-Aug-2013High temperature properties of the Cr-Nb-Al-N coatings with increasing Al contentsLi, W. Z. ; Polcar, T. ; Evaristo, M. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
101-Sep-2008In situ structural evolution of arc-deposited Cr-based coatingsNeves, A. M. ; Severo, V. ; Cvrcek, L. ; Polcar, T. ; Louro, C. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
1115-Oct-2013Influence of Ag content on mechanical and tribological behavior of DLC coatingsManninen, N. K. ; Ribeiro, F. ; Escudeiro, A. ; Polcar, T. ; Carvalho, S. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
122008Influence of air oxidation on the properties of decorative NbOxNy coatings prepared by reactive gas pulsingChappé, J. M. ; Carvalho, P. ; Lanceros-Mendez, S. ; Vasilevskiy, M. I. ; Vaz, F. ; Machado, A. V. ; Fenker, M. ; Kappl, H. ; Parreira, N. M. G. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Alves, E. articleopenAccess
1315-Dec-2013Influence of Al content on the mechanical properties and thermal stability in protective and oxidation atmospheres of Zr–Cr–Al–N coatingsLi, W. Z. ; Liu, H. W. ; Evaristo, M. ; Polcar, T. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
142002Influence of Al(Er) interlayer on the mechanical properties of AlN(Er) coatingsOliveira, J. C. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Vieira, M. T. articleopenAccess
152001Influence of heat treatment on the corrosion of high speed steelAlves, V. A. ; Brett, C. M. A. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
161999The influence of small additions of Ni, Ti and C on the oxidation behaviour of sputtered tungsten coatingsLouro, C. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
172007The influence of structure changes in the properties of TiCxOy decorative thin filmsFernandes, A. C. ; Vaz, F. ; Cunha, L. ; Parreira, N. M. G. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Goudeau, Ph. ; Bourhis, E. Le ; Rivière, J. P. ; Munteanu, D. ; Borcea, B. ; Cozma, R. articleopenAccess
1830-Oct-2014Influence of Zr alloying on the mechanical properties, thermal stability and oxidation resistance of Cr–Al–N coatingsLi, W. Z. ; Chen, Q. Z. ; Polcar, T. ; Serra, R. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
192001Mechanical and surface analysis of Ti0.4Al0.6N/Mo multilayersTavares, C. J. ; Rebouta, L. ; Andritschky, M. ; Guimarães, F. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess
202001Microstructure and mechanical properties of nanocomposite (Ti,Si,Al)N coatingsCarvalho, S. ; Rebouta, L. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Rocha, L. A. ; Gomes, J. ; Alves, E. articleopenAccess