Tavares, Alexandre Oliveira

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Tavares, Alexandre Oliveira
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Tavares, Alexandre Oliveira
Tavares, Alexandre O.
Tavares, A.
Tavares, O. A.
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Alexandre Oliveira Tavares holds a PhD in Geological Engineering, with specialization in Environment and Spatial Planning in Geology, from the University of Coimbra where he is an Associate Professor with Habilitation. He has been working on the theme of risks, namely in the representation of susceptibility and vulnerability, as well as in risk planning and management. Other areas of intervention are land use planning, land use transformation processes, resource assessment and management, as well as geological / geotechnical cartography. He is a researcher at the Center for Social Studies, where he is part of the Risk Observatory-OSIRIS. Professor of the interdisciplinary master's degree in Social Dynamics, Natural and Technological Risks and in the inter-university Doctoral Program in Territory, Risk and Public Policies. Member of the Scientific Panel of the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change ENAAC 2020. Member of the National Platform for Disaster Reduction. Since 2019 Executive President of the Public Company Águas do Centro Litoral. Author of 52 indexed publications (magazines and book chapters), and 40 other publications (magazines and book chapters), as well as 60 articles or extended abstracts in conference proceedings. Author of 5 academic publications and 30 scientific, technical or other publications. Participation in scientific research projects such as: MOSAIC.PT (PTDC / CTA-AMB / 28909/2017), Multi-source flood risk analysis for safe coastal communities and sustainable development; INTERREG Atlantic Area Program Project called Risk-AquaSoil Atlantic Risk Management Plan in water and soil; FCT FORLAND PTDC / ATP-GEO / 1660/2014 Project Hydro-geomorphological risks in Portugal: enforcers and applications to spatial planning; FCT MOLINES Project (PTDC / AAG-MAA / 2811/2012) Modeling floods in estuaries. From the hazard to the critical management; FCT Project (PTDC / CS-GEO / 118992/2010) TsuRIMA TSUnami RIsk MAnagement for spatial planning and civil protection; FCT Project [PTDC / CS-GEO / 103231/2008] DISASTER - Natural disasters of hydro-geomorphological origin in Portugal: GIS database to support decision making in spatial planning and emergency planning; FCT Project [PTDC / CS-ECS / 102041/2008] SCRAM - Crisis, risk management and new socio-ecological arrangements for forests: a perspective of studies on science and technology; FCT Project [PTDC / SDE / 72111/2006] Risk, Social Vulnerability and Planning Strategies: an integrated approach. Participation in several knowledge transfer projects, with the Central Regional and Municipal Administration, Supervisor of 5 doctoral theses, of 52 completed master's dissertations. Participation in 31 doctoral jury and 66 thesis or master's project jury, while not a supervisor.
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12017Cartografia de 150 anos de ocorrências hidrogeomorfológicas catastróficas; Portugal continental um território de inquietaçãoTavares, Alexandre Oliveira ; Barros, José Leandro ; Santos, Pedro Pinto ; Pereira, Susana articleopenAccess
22021A coastal flooding database from 1980 to 2018 for the continental Portuguese coastal zoneTavares, Alexandre Oliveira ; Barros, José Leandro ; Freire, Paula ; Santos, Pedro Pinto ; Perdiz, Luís; Fortunato, André Bustorff articleopenAccess
317-Jul-2018Peri-Urbanization and Rurbanization in Leiria City: the Importance of a Planning FrameworkBarros, José Leandro ; Tavares, Alexandre Oliveira ; Monteiro, Mário ; Santos, Pedro Pinto articleopenAccess