Pereira, Cláudia Maria Fragão

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Pereira, Cláudia Maria Fragão
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Dec-2013Activation of the endoplasmic reticulum stress response by the amyloid-beta 1–40 peptide in brain endothelial cellsFonseca, Ana Catarina R. G. ; Ferreiro, Elisabete ; Oliveira, Catarina R. ; Cardoso, Sandra M. ; Pereira, Cláudia F. articleopenAccess
2Feb-2015Aβ and NMDAR activation cause mitochondrial dysfunction involving ER calcium releaseFerreira, Ildete Luísa ; Ferreiro, Elisabete ; Schmidt, Jeannette ; Cardoso, João M. ; Pereira, Cláudia M. F. ; Carvalho, Ana Luísa ; Oliveira, Catarina R. ; Rego, A. Cristina articleopenAccess
32008Brain oxidative stress in a triple-transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer diseaseResende, Rosa ; Moreira, Paula Isabel ; Proença, Teresa ; Deshpande, Atul ; Busciglio, Jorge ; Pereira, Cláudia ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
47-Feb-2020Calcium Signaling in Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases 2019Cortes, Luísa ; Malva, João ; Rego, Ana Cristina ; Pereira, Cláudia F. articleopenAccess
52004Cell degeneration induced by amyloid-ß peptidesPereira, Cláudia ; Ferreiro, Elisabete ; Cardoso, Sandra ; Oliveira, Catarina de articleopenAccess
622-Feb-2021Characterisation of glycoproteins involved in sea urchin adhesionVentura, Inês Vieira PeresmasterThesisembargoedAccess
72011Chromatin remodeling in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesisMarques, Sueli Cristina Ferreira doctoralThesisopenAccess
821-Sep-2018Deregulated inflammasome in Bipolar Disorder (BD): a matter of stress?Pereira, Ana Catarina de Jesus Pais masterThesisembargoedAccess
925-Jun-2015Endocytic trafficking mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease : role of the actin regulators bin l and CD2APSalavessa, Laura Nunes Soares Sequeira masterThesisopenAccess
102011Endoplasmic reticulum stress during amyloid β peptide-induced cell death : role of mitochondria and glutamatergic N-methyl-D-aspartate receptorsCosta, Rui Miguel Oliveira da doctoralThesisopenAccess
112006An endoplasmic-reticulum-specific apoptotic pathway is involved in prion and amyloid-beta peptides neurotoxicityFerreiro, Elisabete ; Resende, Rosa ; Costa, Rui ; Oliveira, Catarina R. ; Pereira, Cláudia M. F. articleopenAccess
122016Endothelial cell's response to proteostatic dysregulation: pursuing the protective action of ghrelinCosta, Daniela Alexandra Dinis masterThesisopenAccess
132008ER stress is involved in Abeta-induced GSK-3beta activation and tau phosphorylationResende, Rosa ; Ferreiro, Elisabete ; Pereira, Cláudia ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
1411-Sep-2019Histological and morphological analysis of developing neuronal precursors derived from human iPS cellsSantos, Daniela Catarina GasparmasterThesisembargoedAccess
1529-Jan-2021The Impact of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases on the activation of Intraepithelial Lymphocytes.Gonçalves, Joana Alexandra LimamasterThesisopenAccess
162016Influenza A virus modulation of mitochondria dynamicsVeríssimo, Maria Inês Martins masterThesisopenAccess
172004Involvement of endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release through ryanodine and inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptors in the neurotoxic effects induced by the amyloid-beta peptideFerreiro, Elisabete ; Oliveira, Catarina R. ; Pereira, Cláudia articleopenAccess
186-Mar-2014Loss of proteostasis in brain vascular endothelial cells in an in vitro model of alzheimer's diseaseFonseca, Ana Catarina Ribeiro da Graça doctoralThesisopenAccess
1915-Dec-2000Mecanismos de degenerescência celular em dois modelos de "stress" oxidativo induzido por glutamato e pela proteína b-amilóide : implicações para a etiopatogenia da doença de AlzheimerPereira, Cláudia Maria Fragão doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
2018-Jul-2019Mitochondria-Associated Membranes: a platform for transferring endoplasmic reticulum stress signals to mitochondria in innate immune cells. Does lithium promote an adaptive cellular response and survival?Pascale, Jessica DemasterThesisembargoedAccess
211999Mitochondrial function is differentially affected upon oxidative stressCardoso, Sandra Morais ; Pereira, Cláudia ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
221-Sep-2008Neurotoxic effect of oligomeric and fibrillar species of A<beta>1-42 peptide. Involvement of ER calcium release in oligomers-induced cell death.Resende, Rosa ; Ferreiro, Elisabete ; Pereira, Cláudia ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende de articleopenAccess
239-May-2013NMDA receptors-associated events and oxidative stress in models of Alzheimer's DiseaseMota, Sandra Isabel Freitas doctoralThesisopenAccess
242000Oxidative glutamate toxicity involves mitochondrial dysfunction and perturbation of intracellular Ca2+ homeostasisPereira, Cláudia F. ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende de articleopenAccess
252008The release of calcium from the endoplasmic reticulum induced by amyloid-beta and prion peptides activates the mitochondrial apoptotic pathwayFerreiro, Elisabete ; Oliveira, Catarina R. ; Pereira, Cláudia M. F. articleopenAccess
2626-Feb-2016Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in Alzheimer's disease-assocated neuronal and endothelial dysfunctionFernandes, Ana Isabel Plácido doctoralThesisopenAccess
277-Jul-2017The role of miRNAs on cell survivalVieira, Cátia Alexandra Seabra masterThesisembargoedAccess
28Oct-2015Role of reactive oxygen species in inflammasome activation in microgalia under stress conditionsDias, Rafael Azevedo masterThesisopenAccess
2912-Sep-2019Skin allergens: Molecules with an improbable therapeutic application for Alzheimer's diseasePereira, Marta Sofia RosendomasterThesisclosedAccess
3027-Sep-2019The role of neuropeptide Y in articular chondrocyte functionsRodrigues, Caren JanemasterThesisembargoedAccess
3128-Sep-2017Unravelling the circuits involved in ejaculation in mice (Mus musculus)Mendes, Ana Rita Pimentel masterThesisopenAccess
3213-Sep-2018Validation of a siRNA Targeting PI3KCA Gene Towards Colorectal Cancer TherapyTavares, Rute Alexandra Henriques masterThesisembargoedAccess