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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2023Tectonometamorphic Evolution of the Migmatitic Paragneisses of the Filali Unit (Internal Rif, Morocco)Afiri, Abdelkhaleq; Essaifi, Abderrahim; Charroud, Ali; Aqnouy, Mourad; Abdelrahman, Kamal; Alali, Amar; Abioui, Mohamed articleopenAccess
2023The Missing Link in the Genesis of the Lower Paleozoic Copper Deposits of the Anti-Atlas (Morocco): The Late Triassic Central Atlantic Magmatic Province EventOuchchen, Mohammed; Abia, El Hassan; Soulaimani, Abderrahmane; Abioui, Mohamed ; Lutz, Brandon; Benssaou, Mohammed; Abdelrahman, Kamal; Abu-Alam, Tamer; Echogdali, Fatima Zahra; Boutaleb, SaidarticleopenAccess
2023Streamflow Simulation in Semiarid Data-Scarce Regions: A Comparative Study of Distributed and Lumped Models at Aguenza Watershed (Morocco)Bouadila, Abdelmounim; Bouizrou, Ismail; Aqnouy, Mourad; En-nagre, Khalid; El Yousfi, Yassine; Khafouri, Azzeddine; Hilal, Ismail; Abdelrahman, Kamal; Benaabidate, Lahcen; Abu-Alam, Tamer; Stitou El Messari, Jamal Eddine; Abioui, Mohamed articleopenAccess
2023Sunspot Detection Using YOLOv5 in Spectroheliograph H-Alpha ImagesSantos, José; Peixinho, Nuno ; Barata, Teresa ; Pereira, Carlos ; Coimbra, A. Paulo ; Crisóstomo, Manuel M. ; Mendes, Mateus articleopenAccess
2023Characterization and Productivity of Alluvial Aquifers in Sustainability Oasis Areas: A Case Study of the Tata Watershed (Southeast Morocco)Echogdali, Fatima Zahra; Boutaleb, Said; El Ayady, Hasna; Aadraoui, Mohamed; Abdelrahman, Kamal; Bendarma, Amine; Ikirri, Mustapha; Abu-Alam, Tamer; Id-Belqas, Mouna; Abioui, Mohamed articleopenAccess
2023Silurian black shales from Sousel-Barrancos Metallogenic Belt (Ossa-Morena Zone, Portugal): Characterization and interplay to Cu depositsLaranjeira, V.; Ribeiro, J. ; Moreira, N.; Nogueira, P. ; Mendonça Filho, J. G. ; Rocha, F. T. ; Flores, D. articleopenAccess
2023Glacial–interglacial cycles in the south-central and southeastern Pyrenees since ~180 ka (NE Spain–Andorra–S France)Turu, Valenti; Peña-Monné, Jose Luís; Cunha, Pedro P. ; Jalut, Guy; Buylaert, Jan-Pieter ; Murray, Andrew S. ; Bridgland, David R. ; Faurschou-Knudsen, Mads; Oliva, Marc; Carrasco, Rosa M.; Ros, Xavier; Turu-Font, Laia; Ventura Roca, JoseparticleopenAccess
2023Contribution of Gravity Data for Structural Characterization of the Ifni Inlier, Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco: Hydrogeological ImplicationsIkirri, Mustapha; Jaffal, Mohammed; Rezouki, Ibtissam; Echogdali, Fatima Zahra; Boutaleb, Said; Abdelrahman, Kamal; Abu-Alam, Tamer; Faik, Farid; Kchikach, Azzouz; Abioui, Mohamed articleopenAccess
2023In-Service Teacher Education Program through an Educational Design Research Approach in the Framework of the 2030 AgendaJoão, Patrícia ; Henriques, Maria Helena ; Rodrigues, Ana V.; Sá, Patrícia articleopenAccess
Jun-2023Distribution dynamics and descriptive statistical analysis of radionuclides in the farmland soils near mining areas in Southwestern NigeriaNjinga, Raymond L.; Ogundele, Tunde L.; Adebayo, Adebiyi S.; Olatunji, Michael A.; Olufemi, Ayodele P.; Olowookere, Christopher J.; Aladeniyi, Kehinde; Pereira, Alcides ; Arogunjo, Muyiwa A.; Tshivhase, Victor M.articleopenAccess
2023Ionosphere over Eastern North Atlantic Midlatitudinal Zone during Geomagnetic StormsBarata, Teresa ; Pereira, Joana ; Hernández-Pajares, Manuel; Barlyaeva, Tatiana ; Morozova, A. L. articleopenAccess
2023We Need a Better Way to Share Earth ObservationsLiu, Zhong; Wen, Yixin; Mantas, Vasco ; Meyer, DavidarticleopenAccess
Jun-2023The assessment of reservoir potential of Permian to Eocene reservoirs of Minwal-Joyamair fields, upper Indus basin, PakistanLatif, Muhammad Ali Umair; Ehsan, Muhsan; Ali, Muhammad; Ali, Abid; Ekoa Bessa, Armel Zacharie; Abioui, Mohamed articleopenAccess
2023User-Relevant Land Cover Products for Informed Decision-Making in the Complex Terrain of the Peruvian AndesMantas, Vasco ; Caro, ClaudiaarticleopenAccess
2023Total Electron Content PCA-NN Prediction Model for South-European Middle LatitudesMorozova, A. L. ; Barata, Teresa ; Barlyaeva, Tatiana ; Gafeira, Ricardo articleopenAccess
2023Analysis of the Efficiency of Petroleum Systems in Fluvial Environments in the Rift Context of the South and North Atlantic: Brazil and PortugalBarbosa, Gustavo Santana ; Garcia, Gustavo Gonçalves ; Reis, Rui Paulo Bento Pena dos ; Vasconcellos Garcia, Antônio Jorge ; Barberes, Gabriel de Alemar articleopenAccess
2023Physicochemical Properties of Fe-Bearing Phases from Commercial Colombian Coal AshSantos, Ana Cláudia; Cruz, Cláudia; Font, Eric ; French, David; Guedes, Alexandra ; Moreira, Karen; Sant'Ovaia, Helena ; Vieira, Bruno J. C.; Waerenborgh, João C.; Valentim, BrunoarticleopenAccess
2008Fortran subroutines for network flow optimization using an interior point algorithmPortugal, L. F. ; Resende, M. G. C.; Veiga, G. ; Patrício, J. ; Júdice, J. J. articleopenAccess
2008Solute transport in fractured media – analysis of non-reversibility in tracer testsRodrigues, N. E. V. ; Lima, J. L. M .P. de ; Cruz, F. F.articleopenAccess
2010Isotopic geochronology of granitic rocks from the Central Iberian Zone: comparison of methodologiesAntunes, I. M. H. R. ; Neiva, A. M. R. ; Silva, M. M. V. G. articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 155