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Nogueira, P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Building up of a nested granite intrusion: magnetic fabric, gravity modelling and fluid inclusion planes studies in Santa Eulália Plutonic Complex (Ossa Morena Zone, Portugal)SANT’OVAIA, H. ; NOGUEIRA, P. ; LOPES, J. CARRILHO ; Gomes, C. ; RIBEIRO, M.A. ; MARTINS, H.C.B. ; Dória, A. ; Cruz, C. ; LOPES, L. ; SARDINHA, R. ; ROCHA, A. ; Noronha, F. articleopenAccess
22023Geochemistry of Precambrian black shales from Ossa-Morena Zone (Portugal): depositional environment and possible source of metalsLaranjeira, V.; Ribeiro, J. ; Moreira, N.; Nogueira, P. ; Flores, D. articleopenAccess
32023Silurian black shales from Sousel-Barrancos Metallogenic Belt (Ossa-Morena Zone, Portugal): Characterization and interplay to Cu depositsLaranjeira, V.; Ribeiro, J. ; Moreira, N.; Nogueira, P. ; Mendonça Filho, J. G. ; Rocha, F. T. ; Flores, D. articleopenAccess