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7-Feb-2017Regulation of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System in brain ischemia: impact on the neuronal proteomeSalazar, Ivan LalandadoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
6-Mar-2017Role of hypoxia and fibrosis in adipose tissueMarques, Ana Patrícia BarreiradoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
21-Mar-2017Role of microRNA deregulation in the pathogenesis of Machado-Joseph diseaseVijayakumar, Udaya GeethadoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
14-Feb-2017Brain-like endothelial cells derived from stem cells to study BBB development and targetingAlmeida, Catarina Oliveira Praça dedoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
16-Dec-2016Metabolic control of neuronal activity by fuel substrate switching: a role for BADCarlton, Sofia Marques RibeirodoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
8-Feb-2017RLR1 and RLR2, two novel Arabidopsis thaliana atypical aspartic proteases involved in primary root development and lateral root formationSoares, André Filipe MarquesdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
5-Apr-2017Neurobiology of the circadian clock: Metabolism control & Implications for Alzheimer´s diseaseSilva, Antonio Manuel Carvalho dadoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
9-Dec-2016Active and passive defenses against oxidative stress: a computational studyBenfeitas, Rui Manuel VicentedoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
30-Jun-2016Reforma político-administrativa em Timor-Leste enquanto processo de reterritorializaçãoXimenes, ValentimdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
2-Jun-2016Cardiac Tissue Constructs for Drug ScreeningGouveia, Pedro José Azeredo de São BentodoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
28-Nov-2015Conservação da Arquitetura e do Ambiente Urbano Modernos: A Baixa de MaputoMendonça, Lisandra Ângela Franco dedoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
22-Dec-2015Inflammation in Alzheimer's disease: deregulation and modulation of miRNA expression in the mononuclear phagocyte systemGuedes, Joana RibeirodoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
27-Jan-2016Mechanisms underlying metabolic shift in pluripotent stem cells: The potential role of sirtuinsCorreia, Marcelo José MarquesdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
14-Jul-2016Meeting the needs of breast cancer: a nucleolin's perspectiveGregório, Ana Cristina LealdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
29-Feb-2016Tomás da Fonseca (1877-1968). Educador do povoTorgal, Luís Filipe Rodrigues dos ReisdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
4-Feb-2016Portugueses de Torna-Viagem. A Representação da Emigração na Literatura PortuguesaMatozzi, MartinadoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
17-Dec-2015Presynaptic formation and function under the control of ubiquitin and the proteasomePinto, Maria Joana GuimarãesdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
21-Jan-2016Purines control neuron-glia interaction during neuroinflammationGeorge, JimmydoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
21-Jul-2015The Adenosinergic System in the Context of Diabetic Retinopathy: From Alterations to ModulationVindeirinho, Joana Rita DominguesdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
10-Feb-2015Characterization of human stem cells and therapeutic strategies involving IGF-1 and shRNA in Huntington's diseaseLopes, Carla Maria NunesdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
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