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2021The influence of time-of-day and morningness-eveningness in cognitive performance of children and adolescents: Clarifying synchrony and asynchrony effects.Bettencourt, Catarina ; Leitão, José Augusto Simões Gonçalves ; Vilar, Manuela ; Allen Gomes, Ana contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
2022Do Larks and owls feel better at their optimal times of day? An exploratory study in primary school childrenPires, L.; Almeida, F. G. ; Bettencourt, C.; Almeida, R. ; Marques, D.R.; Pinto de Azevedo, M.H.; Leitão, J. A. ; Gomes, Ana Cardoso Allen contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
2022Sleep versus school timings of preschool and school-age childrenClara, M.I.; Allen Gomes, A.contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
2022Evening screen time, sleep and diurnal type in preschool and primary school childrenMarques, I.; Pires, L.; Bettencourt, C.; Gomes, F.; Almeida, R. ; Ruivo Marques, D.; Allen Gomes, A.contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
2022Is optimal always optimal? Chronotype, time-of-day, and children's cognitive performance in remote neuropsychological assessmentBettencourt, C.; Pires, L.; Almeida, F. G. ; Vilar, M.; Cruz, H ; Leitão, J. A. ; Gomes, A. AllencontributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
Sep-2020Abstracts of the 25th Congress of the European Sleep Research Society, 22-24 September 2020, Virtual CongressPires, Luis; Couto, Diana; Cruz, Hugo Miguel Fernandes; Bettencourt, Catarina; Leitão, José; Azevedo, Maria Helena; Marques, Daniel Ruivo; Gomes, Ana AllenarticleopenAccess
2013Coimbra sleep activation scale (C-SAS): Psychometric properties in insomniacsClemente, V. ; Almeida, J. ; Martins, I. ; Gomes, A. Allen ; Santos, J. Moutinho dos contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
2016Psychometric properties of the BaSIQS-Basic Scale on insomnia symptoms and quality of sleep, in adults and in the elderly [O167].Silva, A. M. ; Alves, J. ; Gomes, A. A. ; Marques, D. R. ; Azevedo, M. H. ; Silva, S. F. contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
2016Reliability and validity of the Composite Scale on Morningness: European Portuguese version, in adolescents and young adults [O160].Gomes, Ana A. ; Costa, V. ; Couto, D. ; Marques, D. R. ; Leitão, J. A. ; Tavares, J. ; Azevedo, M. H. ; Silva, C. F. contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
2013Reliability and initial validation of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, European Portuguese version: A preliminary study in a sample of higher education studentsMarques, D. ; Gomes, A. Allen ; Meiavia, A. ; Salgueiro, A. ; Ribeiro, C. Carlos ; Dischler, J. contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
2013Pubertal development and psychological symptoms: preliminary data in a Portuguese sample of 11-15 years-old studentsCrisóstomo, A.M.O. ; Gomes, A. A. ; Couto, D. A. articleopenAccess
2014The European Portuguese version of the Children ChronoType Questionnaire (CCTQ): reliability and raw scores in a large continental sampleCouto, D. ; Gomes, A. Allen ; Pinto de Azevedo, H. ; Bos, S. ; Leitão, J. A. ; Silva, C. F. contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
2017The European Portuguese version of the insomnia severity index (ISI): reliability, validity and diagnostic accuracyClemente, V. ; Gomes, A. A. ; Mendes, M. M. ; Marques, D. ; Russo, B. ; Serra, J. ; Santos, J. Moutinho dos ; Moita, J. contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
2013Estudos de validade da versão portuguesa da EDAH de Farré e NarbonaDelgado, M. ; Gomes, Ana A. ; Lopes, C. ; Silva, C. F. bookPartopenAccess
2010O Teste de Memória Autobiográfica de Williams - Estudo de Adaptação.Bobrowicz-Campos, E. ; Pinho, S. ; Matos, A. P. articleopenAccess
2013Matutinidade-vespertinidade e padrões de sono em adolescentesCosta, V. ; Gomes, Ana A. ; Couto, D. ; Silva, C. F. bookPartopenAccess
2016Combined impact of diurnal type and time of day on children’s results in a battery of measurements probing reading abilities: Preliminary ResultsCruz, H. ; Gomes, A. Allen ; Leitão, J. A. ; Couto, D. ; Carvalhais, L. ; Silva, C. F. bookPartopenAccess
2014Envelhecimento cognitivo e funções executivas: o papel particular da inibiçãoPires, Luís ; Leitão, José ; Simões, Mário Rodrigues ; Guerrini, Chiara articleopenAccess
2013Novas direções no tratamento da depressão na adolescência: desenvolvimento e estudo de um programa de intervenção psicoterapêuticaAzevedo, A. ; Matos, A. P. articleopenAccess
2015Psychological Flexibility and Self-Compassion: Contributions of gender and its association with adolescent depressionAzevedo, A. ; Matos, A. P. articleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 69