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Gomes, Ana Allen
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12017Associations between sleep quality and domains of quality of life in a non-clinical sample: results from higher education studentsMarques, Daniel Ruivo ; Meia-Via, Ana Maria Soares ; da Silva, Carlos Fernandes ; Gomes, Ana Allen articleopenAccess
22015Basic Scale on Insomnia complaints and Quality of Sleep (BaSIQS): Reliability, initial validity and normative scores in higher education studentsAllen Gomes, Ana ; Ruivo Marques, Daniel ; Meia-Via, Ana Maria ; Meia-Via, Mariana ; Tavares, José ; Fernandes da Silva, Carlos ; Pinto de Azevedo, Maria Helena articleopenAccess
32013Is Positive Affect in Pregnancy Protective of Postpartum Depression?Bos, Sandra Carvalho ; Macedo, António ; Marques, Mariana ; Pereira, Ana Telma ; Maia, Berta Rodrigues ; Soares, Maria João ; Valente, José ; Gomes, Ana Allen ; Azevedo, Maria Helena articleopenAccess
42016Morning-evening Types İn Kindergarten, Time-of-day And Performance On Basic Learning SkillsCruz, Hugo Miguel Fernandes ; Gomes, Ana Allen ; Martins, Alcina Manuela ; Leitão, José Augusto ; Clarisse, René ; Le Floc’h, Nadine ; Da Silva, Carlos Fernandes articleopenAccess
52016Psychometric properties of the BaSIQS-Basic Scale on insomnia symptoms and quality of sleep, in adults and in the elderly [O167].Silva, A. M. ; Alves, J. ; Gomes, A. A. ; Marques, D. R. ; Azevedo, M. H. ; Silva, S. F. contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
62013Pubertal development and psychological symptoms: preliminary data in a Portuguese sample of 11-15 years-old studentsCrisóstomo, A.M.O. ; Gomes, A. A. ; Couto, D. A: articleopenAccess
72011Sleep and Academic Performance in Undergraduates: A Multi-measure, Multi-predictor ApproachGomes, Ana Allen ; Tavares, José ; de Azevedo, Maria Helena P. articleopenAccess
82014Sleep–Wake Patterns Reported by Parents in Hyperactive Children Diagnosed According to ICD-10, as Compared to Paired ControlsGomes, Ana Allen ; Parchão, Carla ; Almeida, Anabela ; Clemente, Vanda ; Pinto de Azevedo, Maria Helena articleopenAccess
92014The European Portuguese version of the Children ChronoType Questionnaire (CCTQ): reliability and raw scores in a large continental sampleCouto, D. ; Allen Gomes, A. ; Pinto de Azevedo, H. ; Bos, S. ; Leitão, J. A. ; Silva, C. F. contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
102017The European Portuguese version of the insomnia severity index (ISI): reliability, validity and diagnostic accuracyClemente, V. ; Gomes, A.A. ; Mendes, M.M. ; Marques, D. ; Russo, B. ; Serra, J. ; Moutinho dos Santos, J. ; Moita, J. contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess