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Silva, A. M.
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1Nov-2014Collective secondary cremation in a pit grave: a unique funerary context in Portuguese Chalcolithic burial practicesSilva, A. M. ; Leandro, I. ; Pereira, D. ; Costa, C. ; Valera, A .C. articleopenAccess
22014In search of homelands: using strontium isotopes to identify biological markers of mobility in late prehistoric PortugalWaterman, Anna J. ; Peate, David W. ; Silva, A. M. ; Thomas, Jonathan T. articleopenAccess
32005Non-osseous calcaneonavicular coalition in the Portuguese prehistoric population: report of two casesSilva, A. M. articleopenAccess
42009A possible case of an ossifying fibroma in a Late Neolithic population from PortugalSilva, A. M. ; Wasterlain, S. N. articleopenAccess
52016Psychometric properties of the BaSIQS-Basic Scale on insomnia symptoms and quality of sleep, in adults and in the elderly [O167].Silva, A. M. ; Alves, J. ; Gomes, A. A. ; Marques, D. R. ; Azevedo, M. H. ; Silva, S. F. contributionToPeriodicalopenAccess
62011Skeletal metastatic carcinoma: A case from 15th-20th century Coimbra, PortugalWasterlain, S. N. ; Ascenso, B. F. ; Silva, A. M. articleembargoedAccess
72016Stable Isotope Analysis of Diet-based Social Differentiation at Late Prehistoric Collective Burials in South-Western PortugalWaterman, A. J. ; Tykot, R. H. ; Silva, A. M. articleembargoedAccess