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1985Nuclear magnetic resonance and potentiometric studies of the protonation scheme of a triaza triacetic macrocycle and its complexes with lanthanum and lutetiumGeraldes, C. F. G. C.; Alpoim, M. C.; Marques, M. P. M.; Sherry, A. Dean; Singh, M.article???browselist.access???
1987A NMR study of lanthanide-NOTA chelates as aqueous paramagnetic shift and relaxation probesGeraldes, C.F.G.C.; Marques, M.P.M.; Sherry, A.D.article???browselist.access???
1991Protonation scheme for some triaza macrocycles studied by potentiometry and NMR spectroscopyGeraldes, Carlos F. G. C.; Sherry, A. Dean; Marques, M. Paula M.; Alpoim, M. Carmen; Cortes, Sergioarticle???browselist.access???
1991Study of the Kinetics of the Formation of the EuDOTA- ComplexMarques, MPM; D´Olieslager, W; Geraldes, CFGCarticle???browselist.access???
1995Formation and decomposition study of electrochemically-generated nickel(III)–nota complexes in aqueous solution (nota3–= 1,4,7-triazacyclononane-N,N′,N″-triacetate)de Castro, Baltazar; Gomes, João; Marques, M. Paula M.; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C.article???browselist.access???
1995NMR conformational study of the lanthanide(III) complexes of DOTA in aqueous solutionMarques, M.P.M.; Geraldes, C.F.G.C.; Sherry, A.D.; Merbach, A.E.; Powell, H.; Pubanz, D.; Aime, S.; Botta, M.article???browselist.access???
1996Ab initio SCF MO calculations on triaza and tetraaza cyclic aminesRibeiro-Claro, Paulo J. A.; Amado, Ana M.; Marques, M. Paula M.; Teixeira-Dias, Jos� J. C.article???browselist.access???
1997Conformational and Coordination Equilibria on DOTA Complexes of Lanthanide Metal Ions in Aqueous Solution Studied by1H-NMR SpectroscopyAime, Silvio; Botta, Mauro; Fasano, Mauro; Marques, M. Paula M.; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C.; Pubanz, Dirk; Merbach, André E.article???browselist.access???
1998NMR conformational study of diamagnetic complexes of some triazatriacetate macrocyclesGeraldes, Carlos F.G.C.; Marques, M. Paula M.; Sherry, A. Deanarticle???browselist.access???
1999Conformational study of 1,2-diaminoethane by combined ab initio MO calculations and Raman spectroscopyBatista de Carvalho, L.A.E; Lourenço, L.E; Marques, M.P.Marticle???browselist.access???
1999Oxygen-by-sulfur substitutions in glycine: conformational and vibrational effects †de Carvalho, Luís A. E. Batista; Marques, M. Paula M.; Teixeira-Dias, José J. C.article???browselist.access???
2000Study of Copper(II) Polyazamacrocyclic Complexes by Electronic Absorption Spectrophotometry and EPR SpectroscopyGeraldes, Carlos F. G. C.; Marques, M. Paula M.; Castro, Baltazar de; Pereira, Euláliaarticle???browselist.access???
2000Effects of Carvedilol on Isolated Heart Mitochondria: Evidence for a Protonophoretic MechanismOliveira, Paulo J.; Marques, M.Paula M.; Batista de Carvalho, Luís A.E.; Moreno, A.J.M.article???browselist.access???
2001Evidence of C−H···O Hydrogen Bonds in Liquid 4-Ethoxybenzaldehyde by NMR and Vibrational SpectroscopiesMarques, M. P. M.; Amorim da Costa, A. M.; Ribeiro-Claro, Paulo J. A.article???browselist.access???
2002Cytotoxic effects of metal complexes of biogenic polyamines. I. Platinum(II) spermidine compounds: prediction of their antitumour activityMarques, M.P.M; Girão, T; Pedroso De Lima, Maria C; Gameiro, A; Pereira, E; Garcia, Particle???browselist.access???
2002Study of Biogenic and α,ω-Polyamines by Combined Inelastic Neutron Scattering and Raman Spectroscopies and by Ab Initio Molecular Orbital CalculationsMarques, M. Paula M.; Batista de Carvalho, Luís A. E.; Tomkinson, Johnarticle???browselist.access???
2002Experimental and Theoretical Evidence of CH⋅⋅⋅O Hydrogen Bonding in Liquid 4-FluorobenzaldehydeRibeiro-Claro, Paulo J. A.; Marques, M. Paula M.; Amado, Ana M.article???browselist.access???
2002The carbonhydrogen stretching region of the Raman spectra of 1,6-hexanediamine: N-deuteration, ionisation and temperature effectsAmorim da Costa, A.M.; M Marques, M.P.; Batista de Carvalho, L.A.E.article???browselist.access???
2002Study of carvedilol by combined Raman spectroscopy andab initio MO calculationsMarques, M. P. M.; Oliveira, P. J.; Moreno, A. J. M.; Batista de Carvalho, L. A. E.article???browselist.access???
2002New Anticancer Agents: Structure-Activity RelationshipsMarques, MPM; Borges, F; Pereira, E; Milhazes, N; Girão, T; Teixeira, LJ; Gomes, CAarticle???browselist.access???
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