Dias, Maria Celeste

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Dias, Maria Celeste
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Dias, Maria Celeste Pereira
Dias, Maria Celeste
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Maria Celeste Dias is a researcher at the University of Coimbra. Research interests: Responses and adaptation mechanisms of agricultural species to environmental challenges. Impact of climate change and contaminants in central metabolic pathways, such as photosynthesis and carbon metabolism, and defense mechanisms of agricultural crops. Valorisation of agriculture and forest by products. Current research - Understand olive adaptations to changing environments: physiology, metabolomics and gene expression; - Impact of drought and heat on olives composition and olive oil quality; - Valorisation of olive by-products.
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12022Low Doses of Anatase and Rutile Nanoparticles Differently Modulate Photosynthesis and Regulatory Genes: A Contribution to the NanoagroindustryMariz-Ponte, Nuno; Sario, Sara; Mendes, Rafael J. ; Couto, Márcio; Gimranov, Emil; Santos, Marino; Correia, Cristiana V.; Gomes, Anicia; Oliveira-Pinto, Paulo R.; Amorim, Isabel ; Dias, Maria Celeste ; Oliveira, José Miguel P. Ferreira de; Santos, ConceiçãoarticleopenAccess
22021Olive Varieties under UV-B Stress Show Distinct Responses in Terms of Antioxidant Machinery and Isoform/Activity of RubisCOPiccini, Chiara; Cai, Giampiero; Dias, Maria Celeste ; Araújo, Márcia ; Parri, Sara; Romi, Marco; Faleri, Claudia; Cantini, ClaudioarticleopenAccess
34-Sep-2021Plant Flavonoids: Chemical Characteristics and Biological ActivityDias, Maria Celeste ; Pinto, Diana C. G. A.; Silva, Artur M. S. articleopenAccess
416-Jul-2018The role of selfing in the establishment of neotetraploid lineages of Jasione maritimaSiopa, Catarina Constantino masterThesisembargoedAccess
522-Jun-2021Spatiotemporal Variation in Pollination Deficits in an Insect-Pollinated Dioecious CropCastro, Helena Isabel Ferreira de ; Siopa, Catarina Constantino ; Casais, Vinícius; Castro, Mariana; Loureiro, João; Gaspar, Hugo ; Dias, Maria Celeste Pereira ; Castro, Silvia articleopenAccess