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Moreira, Irina S.
Moreira, Irina de Sousa
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
19-Dec-2020Adverse outcome pathway for benzene induced toxicity through reverse causal reasoning and network perturbation analysisPinho, Xavier Sá CastromasterThesisopenAccess
217-Sep-2018Applying computational tools to the study of GPCRs structure and dynamicsBarreto, Carlos André Viegas masterThesisopenAccess
315-Sep-2017A bioinformatics approach for the understanding of membrane protein complexesGomes, António José Preto Martins masterThesisopenAccess
427-Mar-2019A Complete Assessment of Dopamine Receptor- Ligand Interactions through Computational MethodsBueschbell, Beatriz ; Barreto, Carlos A. V. ; Preto, Antonio J. ; Schiedel, Anke C.; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess
529-Jul-2019A Computational Method to Predict the Combinatory Effect of Drugs in CancerFilipe, Pedro Matos Pinto Santos masterThesisembargoedAccess
615-Sep-2017Computational methods for the understanding of protein-based interactionsAlmeida, José Guilherme Coelho Peres de masterThesisopenAccess
726-Feb-2021Decoding partner specificity in opioid receptor familySilvério, Daniel José VasconcelosmasterThesisembargoedAccess
82021Decoding Partner Specificity of Opioid Receptor FamilyBarreto, Carlos A. V. ; Baptista, Salete ; Preto, Antonio J. ; Silvério, Daniel ; Melo, Rita ; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess
91-Nov-2023DELFOS-drug efficacy leveraging forked and specialized networks-benchmarking scRNA-seq data in multi-omics-based prediction of cancer sensitivityPiochi, Luiz Felipe; Preto, Antonio J. ; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess
1029-Mar-2021Integrated in Silico and Experimental Approach towards the Design of a Novel Recombinant Protein Containing an Anti-HER2 scFvSantos, Joana; Cardoso, Miguel ; Moreira, Irina S. ; Gonçalves, João; Correia, João D. G.; Verde, Sandra Cabo; Melo, Rita articleopenAccess
1127-Jul-2016A Machine Learning Approach for Hot-Spot Detection at Protein-Protein InterfacesMelo, Rita ; Fieldhouse, Robert; Melo, André ; Correia, João D. G.; Cordeiro, Maria Natália D. S.; Gümüş, Zeynep H.; Costa, Joaquim ; Bonvin, Alexandre M. J. J. ; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess
125-Apr-2021MENSAdb: a thorough structural analysis of membrane protein dimersMatos-Filipe, Pedro ; Preto, Antonio J. ; Koukos, Panagiotis I. ; Mourão, Joana ; Bonvin, Alexandre M. J. J. ; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess
132023MUG: A mutation overview of GPCR subfamily A17 receptorsCaniceiro, Ana B. ; Bueschbell, Beatriz ; Barreto, Carlos A. V. ; Preto, Antonio J. ; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess
1410-Mar-2022SARS-CoV-2 Membrane Protein: From Genomic Data to Structural New InsightsMarques-Pereira, Catarina ; Pires, Manuel N.; Gouveia, Raquel P. ; Pereira, Nádia N. ; Caniceiro, Ana B. ; Rosário-Ferreira, Nícia ; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess
154-Oct-2021SicknessMiner: a deep-learning-driven text-mining tool to abridge disease-disease associationsRosário-Ferreira, Nícia ; Guimarães, Victor; Costa, Vítor S. ; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess
1614-Aug-2017SpotOn: High Accuracy Identification of Protein-Protein Interface Hot-SpotsMoreira, Irina S. ; Koukos, Panagiotis I. ; Melo, Rita ; Almeida, José G. ; Preto, Antonio J. ; Schaarschmidt, Joerg; Trellet, Mikael; Gümüş, Zeynep H; Costa, Joaquim ; Bonvin, Alexandre M. J. J. articleopenAccess
171-Oct-2020SPOTONE: Hot Spots on Protein Complexes with Extremely Randomized Trees via Sequence-Only FeaturesPreto, A. J. ; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess
1810-Dec-2020The Structural and Functional Role of CACNG2 Mutations in Psychiatric DisordersGouveia, Raquel PinamasterThesisembargoedAccess
192022SYNPRED: prediction of drug combination effects in cancer using different synergy metrics and ensemble learningPreto, Antonio J. ; Matos-Filipe, Pedro ; Mourão, Joana ; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess
2022-Feb-2020The Central Role of Non-Structural Protein 1 (NS1) in Influenza Biology and InfectionRosário-Ferreira, Nícia ; Preto, Antonio J. ; Melo, Rita ; Moreira, Irina S. ; Brito, Rui M. M. articleopenAccess
212023The World of GPCR dimers - Mapping dopamine receptor D2 homodimers in different activation states and configuration arrangementsBueschbell, Beatriz ; Magalhães, Pedro R.; Barreto, Carlos A. V. ; Melo, Rita ; Schiedel, Anke C.; Machuqueiro, Miguel; Moreira, Irina S. articleopenAccess