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3-May-2017Comprehensive life cycle assessment of new houses in Portugal: building design, envelope, and operational conditionsMonteiro, Helena Isabel PereiradoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
15-Mar-2017Life-cycle Environmental and Cost Assessment of Building Retrofits: Evaluating Conventional and Streamlined ApproachesRodrigues, Carla AbreudoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
14-Mar-2017Towards an efficient filtration and characterization of airborne nanoparticlesSantos, Rita Joana VazdoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
23-Jan-2017Optimization of Feedstock Blends to Improve Biodiesel Cost Effectiveness and Manage Environmental ImpactsCaldeira, Carla Sandra PatinhadoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
23-Jan-2017Sistema de armazenamento de energia térmica com módulo de adsorçãoFernandes, Marco Alexandre dos SantosdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
15-Mar-2017Electricity market integration and spot price convergence in a context of high penetration of renewablesFigueiredo, Nuno Miguel dos Santos CarvalhodoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
16-Feb-2017Caraterização da decomposição térmica e do efeito gerado pela reação de um explosivo plástico de base RDX em cenário de cookoffChaves, Flávio Rodrigues FernandesdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
13-Oct-2016Study of Fretting behaviour on automotive electrical contactsEsteves, Miguel Alberto PereiradoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
27-Jul-2016Integrated Management of Residential Energy Resources: Models, Algorithms and ApplicationSoares, Ana Raquel GonçalvesdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
15-Jul-2016Extreme Fire Behaviour Associated with the Merging of Two Linear Fire FrontsRaposo, Jorge Rafael NogueiradoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
30-Mar-2016Dynamic Fleet-Based Life-Cycle Assessment: Addressing Environmental Consequences of the Introduction of Electric Vehicles in PortugalGarcia, Rita PinheirodoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
18-Apr-2016Constitutive Parameters Identification of Metal Sheets using Circular Bulge TestsReis, Luís Carlos Duarte dosdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
17-Dec-2015Silver segregation in Ag/a-C nanocomposite coatings for potential application as antibacterial surfacesManninen, Noora Kristiina Alves de SousadoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
15-Jan-2016Energy behaviours as promoters of energy efficiency: An integrative modelling approachLopes, Marta Alexandra dos ReisdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
8-Feb-2016Modernised Portuguese Schools - From IAQ and Thermal Comfort towards Energy Efficiency PlansPereira, Luísa Maria DiasdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
11-Dec-2016Thermal energy storage with phase change materials (PCMs) for the improvement of the energy performance of buildingsSoares, Nelson Miguel LopesdoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
1-Jul-2015High efficiency ground source heat pump systems for sustainable building space conditioningCarvalho, Anabela DuartedoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
22-Dec-2014Comportamento mecânico de compósitos de fibra de vidro/epoxy nano-reforçadosSilva, Henrique Pereira dadoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
14-Jan-2016A hybrid Input-Output multi-objective model to assess economic-energy-environment trade-offs: an application to Brazil and prospective sugarcane bioethanol technologiesCarvalho, Ariovaldo Lopes dedoctoralThesis???browselist.access???
9-Jan-2015Nanocomposite ZrC/a-C(:H) coatings for potential application onto biomedical implantsEscudeiro, Ana Isabel CostadoctoralThesis???browselist.noaccess???
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