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Maia, João
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Maia, João Jerónimo Machadinha
Maia, João J. M.
Maia, João
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João Jerónimo Machadinha Maia holds a doctorate PhD in Contemporary Studies - Politics and Ideologies, from the University of Coimbra with the thesis entitled "Transhumanism and posthumanism - decoding a contemporary political issue ". From the same institution, he holds a master in Sciences of Education, specialization area in Education and Social Development, with the dissertation entitled "Globalization, School, and Intercultural Teaching of History and Geography". He has professional experience as a university teaching assistant and as a senior technician in the social area and in the area of adult education and training. As a member of several scientific and professional organizations, he develops scientific research and is the author of a number of several presentations at scientific events and of publications in scientific books and journals on topics related to philosophical anthropology, political economy, law, social and cultural studies, ICT and education. In this context, he is a member of the editorial board of international scientific journals. He served as secretary-general and facilitator of the simulation of the International Labour Conference - Coimbra 2016. He has experience of participating in the media, and also in academic management and direction bodies, as a member of the Postdocs@UC (2018-2020), as a member of the Senate of the University of Coimbra (2017-2018), as President of the General Assembly of Students of the FPCE/UC (2000-2001) and as a member of the direction of the NEPCE/AAC (2000-2001).
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017Abertura da Sessão - Eleição do Presidente e Vice-Presidentes da ConferênciaMaia, João Jerónimo Machadinha bookPartopenAccess
22021Antropoceno: conceitos, polémica e desafiosMaia, João conferenceObjectopenAccess
32020A Cosmovisão e a Ética da Inteligência ArtificialMaia, João Jerónimo Machadinha conferenceObjectopenAccess
42016Crítica à teoria marxista: tópicos sobre uma discussão acerca da sua atualidadeMaia, João articleopenAccess
52004Educar e conviver na cultura global - J. Gimeno SacristánMaia, João Jerónimo Machadinha reviewopenAccess
62019Ética, Moral e Direito no Transumanismo e Pós-HumanismoMaia, João Jerónimo Machadinha articleopenAccess
72018Globalização, Escola e Ensino Intercultural da História e da GeografiaMaia, João Jerónimo Machadinha bookopenAccess
82017O Homem: Evolução e EducaçãoMaia, João Jerónimo Machadinha bookopenAccess
92015A nossa natureza (trans)humanaMaia, João Jerónimo Machadinha articleopenAccess
102018O pós-humano: ideias e problemáticas sobre a criação da inteligência artificialMaia, João articleopenAccess
11Aug-2021A tecnocultura e as transformações na criação de corpos políticos, técnicos e estéticosMaia, João Jerónimo Machadinha bookPartopenAccess
1227-Jul-2018Transumanismo e pós-humanismo: descodificação política de uma problemática contemporâneaMaia, João Jerónimo Machadinha doctoralThesisopenAccess