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Lobo, J.
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
120-Feb-2020Bayesian inference for artificial perception using OpenCL on FPGAs and GPUsLopes, Rodrigo de Oliveira LourençomasterThesisopenAccess
229-May-2018Development of a Facial Feature Detection and Tracking Framework for Robust Gaze EstimationCarvalho, Daniel Chichorro de masterThesisopenAccess
33-Mar-2020Estimating Optical Flow using Convolutional Neural Networks in Reconfigurable LogicRodrigues, Rodrigo PedrosamasterThesisopenAccess
411-Sep-2014Exploring Different Implementations of Probabilistic Computations on FPGAsAlmeida, Miguel Garcia Galvao de masterThesisopenAccess
522-Jul-2019Exploring energy efficient object classification on reconfigurable logicOliveira, Bruno GonçalvesmasterThesisopenAccess
63-Mar-2012Extracting data from human manipulation of objects towards improving autonomous robotic graspingFaria, Diego R. ; Martins, Ricardo Filipe Alves ; Lobo, Jorge ; Dias, Jorge articleembargoedAccess
718-Sep-2013iBombeiro - iDevice to monitor and help firefightersPinto, Andrea Maria Mourão Terra Bernardo masterThesisopenAccess
82011Implementação de algoritmos de saliência em tempo real numa GPUCosta, Pedro Miguel Caetano França masterThesisopenAccess
92004Inertial Sensed Ego-motion for 3D VisionLobo, Jorge ; Dias, Jorge articleopenAccess
102002Inertial sensor data integration in computer vision systemsLobo, Jorge Nuno de Almeida e Sousa masterThesisopenAccess
112013InerTouchHand System - iTH - Demonstration of a Glove Device with Distributed Inertial Sensors and Vibro-tactile FeedbackLobo, J. ; Trindade, P. articleopenAccess
129-Jul-2007Integration of vision and inertial sensingLobo, Jorge Nuno de Almeida e Sousa doctoralThesisclosedAccess
132016Introduction to Stochastic Computing using a Remote Lab with Reconfigurable LogicLobo, Jorge articleopenAccess
1424-Sep-2019IoT Edge Computing Neural Networks on Reconfigurable LogicBarreto, Ricardo Manuel CarriçomasterThesisopenAccess
152011Manipulative Tasks Identification by Learning and Generalizing Hand MotionsFaria, Diego R. ; Martins, Ricardo Filipe Alves ; Lobo, Jorge ; Dias, Jorge bookPartopenAccess
1623-Sep-2015Probabilistic Computing on FPGA with NIOS II Soft-ProcessorFernandes, Hugo Filipe Costa masterThesisopenAccess
1730-May-2018Probabilistic Computing Using OpenCL on an FPGA Mini-clusterDireito, José Carlos Baptista Pereira Mendes masterThesisopenAccess
182012A Probabilistic Framework to Detect Suitable Grasping Regions on ObjectsFaria, Diego R. ; Martins, Ricardo Filipe Alves ; Lobo, Jorge ; Dias, Jorge articleopenAccess
193-Apr-2014Probabilistic Learning of Human Manipulation of Objects towards Autonomous Robotic GraspingFaria, Diego Resende doctoralThesisopenAccess
202010Probabilistic representation of 3D object shape by in-hand explorationFaria, Diego R. ; Martins, Ricardo Filipe Alves ; Lobo, Jorge ; Dias, Jorge articleopenAccess
212011Processamento binaural em tempo real para localizaçãoGuerra, Henrique Gonçalves masterThesisopenAccess
2228-Feb-2018Stochastic Bayesian Machines for HMM Gesture Recognition on a FPGA BoardSilva, Bruno Rafael Baptista da masterThesisclosedAccess
2327-Sep-2017Using an FPGA Mini-Cluster to Implement Bayesian Application-Specific Integrated Circuits for Robotic ApplicationsGomes, Miguel Mira Duarte masterThesisopenAccess
242010Using distributed accelerometers for gesture recognition and visualizationTrindade, Pedro Emanuel dos Santos Vale Sousa masterThesisopenAccess
252003World feature detection and mapping using stereovision and inertial sensorsLobo, Jorge ; Queiroz, Carlos ; Dias, Jorge articleopenAccess