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Hiller, Brigitte
Hiller, Brigitte
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
117-May-2021A brief review of Implicit Regularization and its connection with the BPHZ theoremArias-Perdomo, Dafne Carolina; Cherchiglia, Adriano; Hiller, Brigitte ; Sampaio, MarcosarticleopenAccess
2Sep-2014Chiral Dynamics with Explicit Symmetry Breaking InteractionsMorais, Jorge masterThesisopenAccess
31998Collective modes and current-algebraic sum rules in nuclear mediumBroniowski, Wojciech ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
42008Dispersion and uncertainty in multislit matter wave diffractionGlionna, G. ; Blin, A. H. ; Hiller, B. ; Nemes, M. C. ; Sampaio, Marcos ; Piza, A. F. R. de Toledo articleopenAccess
52007Dynamical chiral symmetry breaking by a magnetic field and multi-quark interactionsOsipov, A. A. ; Hiller, B. ; Blin, A. H. ; Providência, J. da articleopenAccess
62007Effects of eight-quark interactions on the hadronic vacuum and mass spectra of light mesonsOsipov, A. A. ; Hiller, B. ; Blin, A. H. ; Providência, J. da articleopenAccess
721-Feb-2008Effects of Quark Interactions on Dynamical Chiral Symmetry Breaking by a Magnetic FieldHiller, Brigitte ; Osipov, Alexander A.; Blin, Alex H. ; Providência, João da articleopenAccess
82007Event-by-event fluctuations of transverse momentum and multiparticle clusters in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsFlorkowski, W.; Broniowski, W. ; Hiller, B. ; Bozek, P.articleopenAccess
92006Event-by-event pT fluctuations and multiparticle clusters in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsBroniowski, Wojciech ; Hiller, Brigitte ; Florkowski, Wojciech ; Bozek, Piotr articleopenAccess
102008Gauge invariance and the CPT and Lorentz violating induced Chern–Simons-like term in extended QEDScarpelli, A. ; Sampaio, Marcos ; Nemes, M. ; Hiller, B. articleopenAccess
1123-Aug-2017A general framework to diagonalize vector–scalar and axial-vector–pseudoscalar transitions in the effective meson LagrangianMorais, J. ; Hiller, B. ; Osipov, A. A. articleopenAccess
122002Implications of a new effective chiral meson LagrangianOsipov, Alexander A. ; Sampaio, Marcos ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
132023Infrared subtleties and chiral vertices at NLO: an implicit regularization analysisRosado, Ricardo J. C. ; Cherchiglia, Adriano; Sampaio, Marcos ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
142001Inverse mass expansion of the one-loop effective actionOsipov, Alexander A. ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
152004Long distance expansion for the NJL model with SU(3) and UA(1) breakingOsipov, A. A. ; Hansen, H. ; Hiller, B. articleopenAccess
162007Lowering the critical temperature with eight-quark interactionsOsipov, A. A. ; Hiller, B. ; Moreira, J. ; Blin, A. H. ; Providência, J. da articleopenAccess
172021May the four be with you: novel IR-subtraction methods to tackle NNLO calculationsTorres Bobadilla, W. J.; Sborlini, G. F. R.; Banerjee, P.; Catani, S.; Cherchiglia, A. L.; Cieri, L.; Dhani, P. K.; Driencourt-Mangin, F.; Engel, T.; Ferrera, G.; Gnendiger, C.; Hernández-Pinto, R. J.; Hiller, B. ; Pelliccioli, G.; Pires, J.; Pittau, R.; Rocco, M.; Rodrigo, G.; Sampaio, M.; Signer, A.; Signorile-Signorile, C.; Stöckinger, D.; Tramontano, F.; Ulrich, Y.articleopenAccess
181999Meson loop corrections to the NJL modelPeña, Francisco; Nemes, Maria Carolina ; Blin, Alex H. ; Hiller, B. articleopenAccess
191999Meson properties in a renormalizable version of the NJL modelMota, André L. ; Nemes, M. Carolina ; Hiller, Brigitte ; Walliser, Hans articleopenAccess
202006Multi-quark interactions with a globally stable vacuumOsipov, A. A. ; Hiller, B. ; Providência, J. da articleopenAccess
2124-Feb-2014Nonuniform phases in a three-flavor Nambu–Jona-Lasinio modelMoreira, J. ; Hiller, B. ; Broniowski, W. ; Osipov, A. A. ; Blin, A. H. articleopenAccess
2223-Feb-2018On the Bose symmetry and the left- and right-chiral anomaliesPorto, J. S. ; Vieira, A. R. ; Cherchiglia, A. L. ; Sampaio, Marcos ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
232000One-loop determinant of Dirac operator in non-renormalizable modelsOsipov, A. A. ; Hiller, B. ; Blin, A. H. articleopenAccess
242000One-loop fermion determinant with explicit chiral symmetry breakingOsipov, Alexander A. ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
252008OZI violating eight-quark interactions as a thermometer for chiral transitionsOsipov, A. A. ; Hiller, B. ; Moreira, J. ; Blin, A. H. articleopenAccess
262002Path integral bosonization of the 't Hooft determinant: fluctuations and multiple vacuaOsipov, Alexander A. ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
272004Path integral bosonization of the ‘t Hooft determinant: quasi-classical correctionsOsipov, A. A. ; Hiller, B. articleopenAccess
2830-Jul-2019Quebra dinâmica de simetria no modelo standard para a formação de um Higgs compostoPalanga, Filipe Ngandu masterThesisopenAccess
292006The role of hidden ambiguities in the linear sigma model with fermionsHiller, Brigitte ; Mota, A. L. ; Nemes, M. C. ; Osipov, Alexander A. ; Sampaio, Marcos articleopenAccess
302006Stationary phase corrections in the process of bosonization of multi-quark interactionsOsipov, A. A. ; Hiller, B. ; Moreira, J. ; Blin, A. H. articleopenAccess
3110-Jun-2015Strange quark matter in the presence of explicit symmetry breaking interactionsMoreira, J. ; Morais, J. ; Hiller, B. ; Osipov, A. A. ; Blin, A. H. articleopenAccess
32Jul-2016A Study of the Entanglement's Entropy Variation in Elastic Scattering Processes for a 4 Complex ModelMiguel, Ricardo André Faleiro masterThesisopenAccess
332016Subtleties in the beta-function calculation of N=1 supersymmetric gauge theoriesCherchiglia, A. L.; Sampaio, Marcos ; Hiller, B. ; Baêta Scarpelli, A. P.articleopenAccess
3426-Jul-2018Supercurrent anomaly and gauge invariance in the N = 1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theoryBatista, Y. R. ; Hiller, Brigitte ; Cherchigli, Adriano ; Sampaio, Marcos articleopenAccess
352017To d , or not to d : recent developments and comparisons of regularization schemesGnendiger, C.; Signer, A.; Stöckinger, D.; Broggio, A.; Cherchiglia, A. L.; Driencourt-Mangin, F.; Fazio, A. R.; Hiller, B. ; Mastrolia, P.; Peraro, T.; Pittau, R.; Pruna, G. M.; Rodrigo, G.; Sampaio, M.; Sborlini, G.; Bobadilla, W. J. Torres; Tramontano, F.; Ulrich, Y.; Visconti, A.articleopenAccess
362020Top condensation model: a step towards the correct prediction of the Higgs massOsipov, A. A. ; Hiller, B. ; Blin, A. H. ; Palanga, F. ; Moreira, J. ; Sampaio, M.articleopenAccess
372021Two-loop renormalisation of gauge theories in 4D implicit regularisation and connections to dimensional methodsCherchiglia, A.; Arias-Perdomo, D. C.; Vieira, A. R.; Sampaio, M.; Hiller, B. articleopenAccess
3819-Sep-2016γ 5 algebra ambiguities in Feynman amplitudes: Momentum routing invariance and anomalies in D = 4 and D = 2Viglioni, A. C. D. ; Cherchiglia, A. L. ; Vieira, A. R. ; Hiller, B. ; Sampaio, M. articleopenAccess
3924-Jun-2016π 0 − η − η ′ mixing in a generalized multiquark interaction schemeOsipov, A. A. ; Hiller, B. ; Blin, A. H. articleopenAccess