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Title: Dynamical chiral symmetry breaking by a magnetic field and multi-quark interactions
Authors: Osipov, A. A. 
Hiller, B. 
Blin, A. H. 
Providência, J. da 
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Physics Letters B. 650:4 (2007) 262-267
Abstract: Catalysis of dynamical symmetry breaking by a constant magnetic field in (3+1) dimensions is considered. We use the three flavour Nambu-Jona-Lasinio type model with 't Hooft and eight-quark interaction terms. It is shown that the multi-quark interactions introduce new additional features to this phenomenon: (a) the local minimum of the effective potential catalyzed by the constant magnetic field is smoothed out with increasing strength of the field at the characteristic scale H~1019 G, (b) the multi-quark forces generate independently another local minimum associated with a larger dynamical fermion mass. This state may exist even for multi-quark interactions with a subcritical set of couplings, and is globally stable with respect to a further increase of the magnetic field.
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