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Sampaio, Marcos
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Dispersion and uncertainty in multislit matter wave diffractionGlionna, G. ; Blin, A. H. ; Hiller, B. ; Nemes, M. C. ; Sampaio, Marcos ; Piza, A. F. R. de Toledo articleopenAccess
22008Gauge invariance and the CPT and Lorentz violating induced Chern–Simons-like term in extended QEDScarpelli, A. ; Sampaio, Marcos ; Nemes, M. ; Hiller, B. articleopenAccess
32023Higgs boson decay into gluons in a 4D regularization: IR cancellation without evanescent fields to NLOPereira, Ana ; Cherchiglia, Adriano; Sampaio, Marcos ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
42002Implications of a new effective chiral meson LagrangianOsipov, Alexander A. ; Sampaio, Marcos ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
52023Infrared subtleties and chiral vertices at NLO: an implicit regularization analysisRosado, Ricardo J. C. ; Cherchiglia, Adriano; Sampaio, Marcos ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
623-Feb-2018On the Bose symmetry and the left- and right-chiral anomaliesPorto, J. S. ; Vieira, A. R. ; Cherchiglia, A. L. ; Sampaio, Marcos ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
72006The role of hidden ambiguities in the linear sigma model with fermionsHiller, Brigitte ; Mota, A. L. ; Nemes, M. C. ; Osipov, Alexander A. ; Sampaio, Marcos articleopenAccess
82016Subtleties in the beta-function calculation of N=1 supersymmetric gauge theoriesCherchiglia, A. L.; Sampaio, Marcos ; Hiller, B. ; Baêta Scarpelli, A. P.articleopenAccess
926-Jul-2018Supercurrent anomaly and gauge invariance in the N = 1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theoryBatista, Y. R. ; Hiller, Brigitte ; Cherchigli, Adriano ; Sampaio, Marcos articleopenAccess
1019-Sep-2016γ 5 algebra ambiguities in Feynman amplitudes: Momentum routing invariance and anomalies in D = 4 and D = 2Viglioni, A. C. D. ; Cherchiglia, A. L. ; Vieira, A. R. ; Hiller, B. ; Sampaio, M. articleopenAccess