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Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12015Can membrane progesterone receptor on T regulatory cells explainthe ensuing human labour?Areia, Ana ; Vale-Pereira, Sofia ; Alves, Vera ; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo ; Santos-Rosa, Manuel ; Moura, Paulo ; Mota-Pinto, Anabela articleopenAccess
22016Does progesterone administration in preterm labor influence Treg cells?Areia, Ana Luísa ; Vale-Pereira, Sofia ; Vaz-Ambrósio, Ana ; Alves, Vera ; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo ; Rosa, Manuel Santos ; Moura, Paulo ; Mota-Pinto, Anabela articleopenAccess
330-Nov-2020Innate Lymphoid Cells in Human PregnancyMendes, João; Areia, Ana Luísa; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo ; Santos-Rosa, Manuel ; Mota-Pinto, Anabela articleopenAccess
42-Feb-2015Membrane progesterone receptors in human regulatory T cells: a reality in pregnancyAreia, Ana ; Vale-Pereira, Sofia ; Alves, Vera ; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo ; Moura, Paulo ; Mota-Pinto, Anabela articleopenAccess
52021Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes and Cancer Markers in Osteosarcoma: Influence on Patient SurvivalCasanova, José Manuel ; Almeida, Jani-Sofia ; Reith, John David; Sousa, Luana Madalena; Fonseca, Rúben ; Freitas-Tavares, Paulo; Santos-Rosa, Manuel ; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo articleopenAccess
6May-2021Type 2 and type 3 innate lymphoid cells at the maternal-fetal interface: implications in preterm birthMendes, João; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo ; Areia, Ana Luísa ; Almeida, Jani-Sofia ; Alves, Vera ; Santos-Rosa, Manuel ; Mota-Pinto, Anabela articleopenAccess