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12018Age-Dependent Impairment of Neurovascular and Neurometabolic Coupling in the HippocampusLourenço, Cátia F. ; Ledo, Ana ; Caetano, Miguel ; Barbosa, Rui M. ; Laranjinha, João articleopenAccess
22021Candida Extracellular Nucleotide Metabolism Promotes Neutrophils Extracellular Traps EscapeAfonso, Mariana; Mestre, Ana Rita ; Silva, Guilherme ; Almeida, Ana Catarina ; Cunha, Rodrigo A. ; Meyer-Fernandes, José Roberto; Gonçalves, Teresa ; Rodrigues, Lisa articleopenAccess
325-Mar-2020Crescent-Like Lesions as an Early Signature of Nephropathy in a Rat Model of Prediabetes Induced by a Hypercaloric DietNunes, Sara ; Alves, André ; Preguiça, Inês ; Barbosa, Adelaide ; Vieira, Pedro ; Mendes, Fernando ; Martins, Diana ; Viana, Sofia D. ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
418-Jan-2020Diet-Induced Rodent Models of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Retinopathy and NephropathyPreguiça, Inês ; Alves, André ; Nunes, Sara ; Gomes, Pedro ; Fernandes, Rosa ; Viana, Sofia D. ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
52020Fluorescent probes for the detection of reactive oxygen species in human spermatozoaEscada-Rebelo, Sara ; Mora, Francisca ; Sousa, Ana ; Almeida Santos, Teresa ; Paiva, Artur ; Ramalho-Santos, João articleopenAccess
628-Dec-2020Is Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis a Predictor of Increased Susceptibility to Poor Outcome of COVID-19 Patients? An UpdateFerreira, Carolina ; Viana, Sofia D. ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
72021Overview on the Antimicrobial Activity and Biocompatibility of Sputtered Carbon-Based CoatingsCarvalho, Isabel ; Rodrigues, Lisa ; Lima, Maria José; Carvalho, Sandra ; Cruz, Sandra M. A. articleopenAccess
82018The Microbiome-Mitochondria Dance in Prodromal Parkinson's DiseaseCardoso, Sandra M. ; Empadinhas, Nuno articleopenAccess