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Vieira, Pedro
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12021Blueberry as an Attractive Functional Fruit to Prevent (Pre)Diabetes ProgressionNunes, Sara; Vieira, Pedro ; Gomes, Pedro; Viana, Sofia Domingues ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
225-Mar-2020Crescent-Like Lesions as an Early Signature of Nephropathy in a Rat Model of Prediabetes Induced by a Hypercaloric DietNunes, Sara ; Alves, André ; Preguiça, Inês ; Barbosa, Adelaide ; Vieira, Pedro ; Mendes, Fernando ; Martins, Diana ; Viana, Sofia D. ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
32015Polimedicação no idosoVieira, Pedro Alexandre Fernandes masterThesisopenAccess
415-Mar-2023TNFR2 as a Potential Biomarker for Early Detection and Progression of CKDLousa, Irina; Reis, Flávio ; Viana, Sofia ; Vieira, Pedro ; Vala, Helena; Belo, Luís; Santos-Silva, AlicearticleopenAccess