Title: Farmácia electrónica: sobre a comercialização de medicamentos na Internet
Authors: Pereira, Alexandre Libório Dias 
Keywords: direito farmacêutico;medicamentos;Internet
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Centro de Direito Biomédico
Abstract: 1. Noção e modalidades de comércio electrónico. 2. Leque de problemas jurídicos. 3. A compra e venda de medicamentos na Internet. 4. As relações entre fabricantes, grossistas, laboratórios e farmácias (B2B). 5. As relações com o público utente (B2C). 6. A publicidade e os sites passivos e interactivos.
Description: Electronic Pharmacy (Selling Drugs on the Internet). This paper, which evolved from a communication presented to the post-graduate course on law organized by the Centre for Biomedical Law, addresses some legal issues of electronic commerce in pharmacies. To begin with, it essays to answer the question whether, according to Portuguese legislation, is it lawful to buy and sell medicaments by the Internet. On one hand, it seems that electronic commerce among producers, laboratories and pharmacies is lawful (B2B). On the other hand, however, electronic commerce with consumers (B2C) is not admitted since the sale of medicaments to end users is only authorized in drugstores and the legal notion and regulation of drugstore does not yet include the possibilities of the Internet. Finally, the issue of pharmacy advertising is also addressed, and a distinction between active and passive sites is done. It remarked that the electronic commerce directive allows online advertising of regulated professions, including pharmaceutics.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/28783
Rights: openAccess
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