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25-Sep-2014Structural, chemical, optical and mechanical properties of Au doped Al-N sputtered coatingsFigueiredo, N. M.; Vaz, F.; Cunha, L.; Rodil, S. E.; Cavaleiro, A.article???browselist.access???
Sep-2014Mechanical and wear behaviours of nano and microfilled polymeric composite: effect of filler fraction and sizeAntunes, P. V.; Ramalho, A.; Carrilho, E. V. P.article???browselist.access???
Nov-2014Factors affecting moment redistribution at ultimate in continuous beams prestressed with external CFRP tendonsLou, Tiejiong; Lopes, Sergio M. R.; Lopes, Adelino V.article???browselist.access???
Nov-2014Effect of tool geometry on friction stir processing and fatigue strength of MIG T welds on Al alloysJesus, J. S. de; Loureiro, A.; Costa, J. M.; Ferreira, J .M.article???browselist.access???
Oct-2014Flexure of continuous HSC beams with external CFRP tendons: effects of fibre elastic modulus and steel ratioLou, Tiejiong; Lopes, Sergio M. R.; Lopes, Adelino V.article???browselist.access???
Nov-2014TiO2:WO3 composite humidity sensors doped with ZnO and CuO investigated by impedance spectroscopyFaia, Pedro M.; Jesus, Emanuel L.; Louro, Cristina S.article???browselist.access???
Dec-2014Morphology and strength of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene welds performed by robotic friction stir weldingMendes, N.; Loureiro, A.; Martins, C.; Neto, P.; Pires, J. N.article???browselist.access???
Nov-2014Adsorption of bovine serum albumin on Zr co-sputtered a-C(:H) films: implication on wear behaviourEscudeiro, A.; Polcar, T.; Cavaleiro, A.article???browselist.access???
30-Oct-2014Influence of Zr alloying on the mechanical properties, thermal stability and oxidation resistance of Cr–Al–N coatingsLi, W. Z.; Chen, Q. Z.; Polcar, T.; Serra, R.; Cavaleiro, A.article???browselist.access???
30-Oct-2014Ti1−xAgx electrodes deposited on polymer based sensorsMarques, S. M.; Manninen, N. K.; Ferdov, Stanislav; Lanceros-Mendez, S.; Carvalho, S.article???browselist.access???
Nov-2014Structural and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline Zr co-sputtered a-C(:H) amorphous filmsEscudeiro, A.; Figueiredo, N. M.; Polcar, T.; Cavaleiro, A.article???browselist.access???
2014Neutral axis depth and moment redistribution in FRP and steel reinforced concrete continuous beamsLou, Tiejiong; Lopes, Sergio M. R.; Lopes, Adelino V.article???browselist.access???
15-Nov-2013TiAgx thin films for lower limb prosthesis pressure sensors: effect of composition and structural changes on the electrical and thermal response of the filmsLopes, C.; Gonçalves, C.; Pedrosa, P.; Macedo, F.; Alves, E.; Barradas, N. P.; Martin, N.; Fonseca, C.; Vaz, F.article???browselist.access???
15-Nov-2013Nanocomposite Ag:TiN thin films for dry biopotential electrodesPedrosa, P.; Machado, D.; Lopes, C.; Alves, E.; Barradas, N. P.; Martin, N.; Macedo, F.; Fonseca, C.; Vaz, F.article???browselist.access???
Dec-2013Low velocity impact damage evaluation in fiber glass composite plates using PZT sensorsSantos, M. J.; Santos, J. B.; Amaro, A. M.; Neto, M. A.article???browselist.access???
Sep-2013Influence of multi-impacts on GFRP composites laminatesAmaro, A. M.; Reis, P. N. B.; Moura, M. F. S. F.; Neto, M. A.article???browselist.access???
Nov-2013Influence of aluminium alloy type on dissimilar friction stir lap welding of aluminium to copperGalvão, I.; Verdera, D.; Gesto, D.; Loureiro, A.; Rodrigues, D. M.article???browselist.access???
1-Jan-2014Influence of albumin on the tribological behavior of Ag–Ti (C, N) thin films for orthopedic implantsAlves, C. F. Almeida; Oliveira, F.; Carvalho, I.; Piedade, A. P.; Carvalho, S.article???browselist.access???
15-Dec-2013Influence of Al content on the mechanical properties and thermal stability in protective and oxidation atmospheres of Zr–Cr–Al–N coatingsLi, W. Z.; Liu, H. W.; Evaristo, M.; Polcar, T.; Cavaleiro, A.article???browselist.access???
15-Oct-2013Influence of Ag content on mechanical and tribological behavior of DLC coatingsManninen, N. K.; Ribeiro, F.; Escudeiro, A.; Polcar, T.; Carvalho, S.; Cavaleiro, A.article???browselist.access???
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