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2001A new improvement for a K shortest paths algorithmMartins, Ernesto de Queirós Vieira; Pascoal, Marta Madalena Braz; Santos, José Luís Estevesarticle???browselist.access???
2005Aplicação do algoritmo volumétrico na resolução aproximada e exacta do problema do caixeiro viajante assimétricoRocha, Ana Maria; Fernandes, Edite M. G. P.; Soares, Joãoarticle???browselist.access???
2005Um melhor limite inferior para o problema do caixeiro viajante assimétrico baseado no problema da afectaçãoRamires, Ana; Soares, Joãoarticle???browselist.access???
1997Contribuições de Vicente Gonçalves na teoria dos polinómios ortogonaisBranquinho, Amílcararticle???browselist.access???
1984On the Fischer inequalityQueiró, João Filipearticle???browselist.access???
1999On computing real logarithms for matrices in the Lie group of special Euclidean motions in RnCardoso, J. R.; Leite, F. Silvapreprint???browselist.access???
1999Covariance estimator for associated random variablesHenriques, Carla; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardopreprint???browselist.access???
1999On indicatricesCarvalho, F. J. Craveiro depreprint???browselist.access???
1999On decompositions in generalised Lorentz-Zygmund spacesNeves, J. S.preprint???browselist.access???
1999Finite preorders and topological descentJanelidze, George; Sobral, Manuelapreprint???browselist.access???
1999Asymptotic separation in bilinear modelsGonçalves, E.; Martins, C. M.; Mendes-Lopes, N.preprint???browselist.access???
1999About fitted finite-difference operators and fitted meshes for solving singularly perturbed linear problems in one dimensionOliveira, F. Aragãopreprint???browselist.access???
1999L-splines - A manifestation of optimal controlRodrigues, Rui C.; Leite, F. Silvapreprint???browselist.access???
1999Hölder continuity of local weak solutions for parabolic equations exhibiting two degeneraciesUrbano, José Miguelpreprint???browselist.access???
1999Histogram estimation of Radon-Nikodym derivatives for strong mixing dataBensaïd, Nadia; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardopreprint???browselist.access???
1999Algebraically linearizable dynamical systemsCaseiro, R.; Françoise, J. P.preprint???browselist.access???
1999On coregular closure operatorsGutierres, Gonçalopreprint???browselist.access???
1999Some remarks on the Poisson-Nijenhuis and the Jacobi structuresCosta, J. M. Nunes dapreprint???browselist.access???
2000A singular-degenerate parabolic problem: regularity up to the Dirichlet boundaryUrbano, José Miguelpreprint???browselist.access???
2000Locally Sierpinski Quotients of the Sorgenfrey LineCarvalho, F. J. Craveiro depreprint???browselist.access???
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