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Martins, Ernesto de Queirós Vieira
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12003The determination of the path with minimum-cost norm valuePaixão, José M. P. ; Martins, Ernesto de Queirós Vieira ; Rosa, Mário S. ; Santos, José Luis E. articleopenAccess
22003A new implementation of Yen’s ranking loopless paths algorithmMartins, Ernesto Q. V. ; Pascoal, Marta M. B. articleopenAccess
32001A new improvement for a K shortest paths algorithmMartins, Ernesto de Queirós Vieira ; Pascoal, Marta Margarida Braz ; Santos, José Luís Esteves articleopenAccess
41998Optimal cutting directions and rectangle orientation algorithmAlmeida, A. M. C. ; Martins, Ernesto Q. V. ; Rodrigues, Rosália D. articleopenAccess
52007Ranking multiobjective shortest pathsMartins, Ernesto Queirós ; Paixão, José Manuel ; Rosa, Mário Silva ; Santos, José Luis preprintopenAccess