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Título: Prospective life cycle approach to buildings’ adaptation for future climate and decarbonization scenarios
Autor: Rodrigues, Carla 
Rodrigues, Eugénio 
Fernandes, Marco S. 
Tadeu, Sérgio
Palavras-chave: Climate change; Greenhouse gas emissions; Life cycle assessment; Thermal dynamic simulation; imulation Retrofit strategies; Sensitivity analysis
Data: 15-Out-2024
Editora: Elsevier
Projeto: PTDC/EME-REN/3460/2021 
Título da revista, periódico, livro ou evento: Applied Energy
Volume: 372
Resumo: The existing building stock is crucial for enhancing decarbonization targets and mitigating climate change. This article delves into a methodological approach that combines prospective life cycle assessment, building thermal simulation using projected future climate data, and global sensitivity analysis to pinpoint the most influential parameters under current climate conditions and future scenarios. The methodology covers plausible decarbonization pathways for the electricity mix, considering the growing utilization of renewable sources, which are influenced by the building locations. An adaptive reuse process involves converting a historic residence into an office building to validate the proposed methodology. Several retrofit strategies are assessed, such as exterior wall insulation, roof insulation, and window replacement. The findings reveal a 12% rise in average usage impacts and a 7% increase in cradle-to-use impacts from the base scenario to future climate projections. Embodied impacts surpass use-phase impacts by 23% in future climates and 33% in certain baseline scenarios. Utilizing future climate data in the life cycle analysis to estimate energy requirements can aid in forecasting building performance under climate change, especially in adapting the existing building stock for enhanced thermal comfort with minimal environmental impact.
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10316/115563
DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2024.123867
Direitos: openAccess
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