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11-Sep-2023Climate change and ideal thermal transmittance of residential buildings in IranRodrigues, Eugénio ; Fereidani, Nazanin Azimi ; Fernandes, Marco S. ; Gaspar, Adélio Rodrigues articleopenAccess
2Apr-2023How organizational constraints undermine sustainability actions in a university's campuses: A case studyAmaral, Ana Rita ; Rodrigues, Eugénio ; Gaspar, Adélio Rodrigues ; Gomes, Álvaro articleopenAccess
31-Oct-2023Integration of convolutional and adversarial networks into building design: A reviewParente, Jean; Rodrigues, Eugénio ; Rangel, Bárbara; Poças Martins, JoãoarticleopenAccess
415-Aug-2024A Morris sensitivity analysis of an office building's thermal design parameters under climate change in sub-Saharan AfricaTajuddeen, Ibrahim; Rodrigues, Eugénio articleopenAccess
515-Oct-2024Prospective life cycle approach to buildings’ adaptation for future climate and decarbonization scenariosRodrigues, Carla ; Rodrigues, Eugénio ; Fernandes, Marco S. ; Tadeu, SérgioarticleopenAccess
6Oct-2023The effectiveness of the Iranian building code in mitigating climate change in Bandar AbbasFereidani, Nazanin Azimi ; Rodrigues, Eugénio ; Gaspar, Adélio Rodrigues articleopenAccess
7Mar-2024The impact of climate change on an office building in Portugal: Measures for a higher energy performanceMarco S. Fernandes ; Beatriz Coutinho; Eugénio RodriguesarticleopenAccess