Tocantins, Carolina

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Tocantins, Carolina
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
113-Jul-2023Made in the Womb: Maternal Programming of Offspring Cardiovascular Function by an Obesogenic WombDiniz, Mariana S. ; Grilo, Luís F. ; Tocantins, Carolina ; Falcão-Pires, Inês; Pereira, Susana P. articleopenAccess
21-Sep-2023Maternal hepatic adaptations during obese pregnancy encompass lobe-specific mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stressGrilo, Luís F; Martins, João D; Diniz, Mariana S. ; Tocantins, Carolina ; Cavallaro, Chiara; Baldeiras, Inês; Cunha-Oliveira, Teresa; Ford, Stephen; Nathanielsz, Peter W; Oliveira, Paulo J; Pereira, Susana ParticleopenAccess
3Oct-2021Metabolic Disease Programming: From Mitochondria to Epigenetics, Glucocorticoid Signalling and BeyondGrilo, Luís F; Tocantins, Carolina ; Diniz, Mariana S. ; Gomes, Rodrigo Mello; Oliveira, Paulo J; Matafome, Paulo Nuno Centeio ; Pereira, Susana ParticleopenAccess
431-Jul-2023Metabolic mitochondrial alterations prevail in the female rat heart 8 weeks after exercise cessationTocantins, Carolina ; Martins, João D; Rodrigues, Óscar M; Grilo, Luís F; Diniz, Mariana S. ; Stevanovic-Silva, Jelena; Beleza, Jorge; Coxito, Pedro; Rizo-Roca, David; Santos-Alves, Estela ; Rios, Manoel; Carvalho, Lina ; Moreno, António J; Ascensão, António ; Magalhães, José; Oliveira, Paulo J; Pereira, Susana ParticleopenAccess
5Jul-2022The birth of cardiac disease: Mechanisms linking gestational diabetes mellitus and early onset of cardiovascular disease in offspringTocantins, Carolina ; Diniz, Mariana S. ; Grilo, Luís F.; Pereira, Susana P.articleopenAccess
6Jul-2022The Endocrine–Metabolic Axis Regulation in Offspring Exposed to Maternal Obesity—Cause or Consequence in Metabolic Disease Programming? LuísGrilo, Luís F; Diniz, Mariana S. ; Tocantins, Carolina ; Areia, Ana L.; Pereira, Susana P.articleopenAccess