Andrade, Mariana A.

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Andrade, Mariana A.
Andrade, Mariana
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
122-Jun-2023LDPE and PLA Active Food Packaging Incorporated with Lemon by-Products Extract: Preparation, Characterization and Effectiveness to Delay Lipid Oxidation in Almonds and Beef MeatAndrade, Mariana A. ; Barbosa, Cássia H.; Mariño-Cortegoso, Sandra; Barbosa-Pereira, Letricia; Sendón, Raquel; Buonocore, Giovanna G.; Stanzione, Mariamelia; Coelho, Anabela; Correia, Cristina Belo; Saraiva, Margarida ; Quirós, Ana Rodríguez-Bernaldo de; Vilarinho, Fernanda; Khwaldia, Khaoula; Silva, Ana Sanches; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
22-May-2020A New Insight on Cardoon: Exploring New Uses besides Cheese Making with a View to Zero WasteBarbosa, Cássia H; Andrade, Mariana A ; Vilarinho, Fernanda; Castanheira, Isabel; Fernando, Ana Luísa; Loizzo, Monica Rosa; Silva, Ana SanchesarticleopenAccess