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Chiacchiera, S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
126-Oct-2016Boltzmann equation with double-well potentialsChiacchiera, S. ; Macrì, T. ; Trombettoni, A. articleopenAccess
227-Feb-2014Imprint of the symmetry energy on the inner crust and strangeness content of neutron starsProvidência, C. ; Avancini, S. S. ; Cavagnoli, R. ; Chiacchiera, S. ; Ducoin, D. ; Grill, F. ; Margueron, J. ; Menezes, D. P. ; Rabhi, A. articleopenAccess
37-May-2015Light clusters, pasta phases, and phase transitions in core-collapse supernova matterPais, H. ; Chiacchiera, S. ; Providência, C. articleopenAccess
416-Mar-2016Nature of phase transitions in Axelrod-like coupled Potts models in two dimensionsGandica, Y. ; Chiacchiera, S. articleopenAccess