Gil, Francisco P. S. C.

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Gil, Francisco P. S. C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
130-Apr-2009Analysis of natural and artificial ultramarine blue pigments using laser induced breakdown and pulsed Raman spectroscopy, statistical analysis and light microscopyOsticioli, I. ; Mendes, N. F. C. ; Nevin, A. ; Gil, Francisco P. S. C. ; Becucci, M. ; Castellucci, E. articleopenAccess
21993Conformers, Vibrational Spectra and Laser-induced RotamerizationFausto, Rui ; Teixeira-Dias, Jose J. C. ; Gil, Francisco P. S. C. articleopenAccess
32006Dynamics of muoniated radical states in phthalocyaninesPiroto Duarte, J. ; Vilão, R. C. ; Alberto, H. V. ; Gil, J. M. ; Gil, Francisco P. S. C. ; Weidinger, A. ; Campos, N. Ayres de articleopenAccess
41999Solvent effects on 2-methoxyethanol conformers: an ab initio DFT study using the SCI-PCModelGil, Francisco P. S. C. ; Teixeira-Dias, J. J. C. articleopenAccess
5Sep-1994Structures and Vibrational Spectra of CH,OCH,CH,OH : TheGil, Francisco P. S. C. ; Fausto, R. ; Costa, A. M. Amorim da ; Teixeira-Dias, J. J. C. articleopenAccess