Enache, Teodor Adrian

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Enache, Teodor Adrian
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Enache, Teodor Adrian
Enache, Adrian
Enache, T. A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Feb-2015Electrochemical evaluation of glutathione S-transferase kinetic parametersEnache, Teodor Adrian ; Brett, Ana Maria Oliveira articleopenAccess
2Dec-2013Human colon adenocarcinoma HT-29 cell: electrochemistry and nicotine stimulationOliveira, S. C. B. ; Santarino, I. B. ; Enache, T. A. ; Nunes, C. ; Laranjinha, J. ; Barbosa, R. M. ; Brett, A. M. Oliveira articleopenAccess
316-Dec-2011Mecanismos Redox de Compostos Aromáticos, Aminoácidos e Proteínas, em Eléctrodos de CarbonoEnache, Teodor Adrian doctoralThesisopenAccess
42011Phenol And Para-Substituted Phenols Electrochemical Oxidation PathwaysEnache, Teodor Adrian ; Brett, Ana Maria Oliveira articleopenAccess