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Duxbury, Nancy
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Artistic Intervention Projects and Cultural Memory: Experiences from Portugal's Centre RegionCarvalho, Cláudia Pato ; Duxbury, Nancy articleopenAccess
22014Cultural governance in sustainable citiesDuxbury, Nancy articleopenAccess
32015Cultural MappingDuxbury, Nancy otheropenAccess
4Jan-2014Culture and sustainability: How new ways of collaboration allow us to re-think our citiesDuxbury, Nancy articleopenAccess
52012Em torno da cidade criativaDuxbury, Nancy ; Fortuna, Carlos ; Bandeirinha, José António ; Peixoto, Paulo articleopenAccess
62012Experts and amateurs in the development of integrated community sustainability plans: Linking culture and sustainabilityJeannotte, M. Sharon ; Duxbury, Nancy articleopenAccess
7Mar-2016Introduction: Mapping cultural intangiblesLongley, Alys ; Duxbury, Nancy articleembargoedAccess
82015Introduction: Mapping Culture MultimodallyDuxbury, Nancy ; Saper, Craig articleopenAccess
92015Positioning cultural mapping in local planning and development contexts: an introductionDuxbury, Nancy articleopenAccess
1018-Oct-2015The cultural potential of the spaces we inhabitDuxbury, Nancy ; Reljik, Teodor otheropenAccess