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Campelo, Filipe
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Filipe Campelo graduated in Biology (1997) and has a master degree in Ecology (2001). In 2006, Nabais and Campelo founded the Lab for Mediterranean Dendrochronology (MedDendro) at the Centre for Functional Ecology (CFE–UC), with the full support and encouragement of Prof Helena Freitas (head of CFE). In 2008, he got a PhD in Ecology in the University of Coimbra (UC) under the supervision of Prof Cristina Nabais. After completing his PhD he worked for 10 months (2008–2009) as a Postdoctoral Researcher with Prof Emilia Gutiérrez at University of Barcelona, Spain. Then he returned to the UC for an FCT Postdoctoral Fellowhip from 2009–2015. He has attracted competitive funding from the FCT as Principal Investigator in two projects (STEM [EXPL/AAG-GLO/1885/2013, 44,939.00 €] and STEM2 [PTDC/AAG-GLO/4784/2014, 191,147.00 €]).

He is interested in Mediterranean Dendrochronology and wood formation processes. His main focus is on special anatomical features within tree rings and on how these structures can be used to refine the climatic signal of tree rings. Investigating how climate regulates cambial activity and how wood records environmental variations has been his priority since 2007.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12015Adjustment Capacity of Maritime Pine Cambial Activity in Drought-Prone EnvironmentsVieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Rossi, Sergio ; Carvalho, Ana ; Freitas, Helena ; Nabais, Cristina articleopenAccess
22009Age-dependent responses of tree-ring growth and intra-annual density fluctuations of Pinus pinaster to Mediterranean climateVieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleembargoedAccess
32014Are neighboring trees in tune? Wood formation in Pinus pinasterVieira, Joana ; Rossi, Sergio ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleopenAccess
42012Climatic information in tree-ring width and vessel features of Quercus ilex L.Abrantes, José Manuel Ferrão masterThesisopenAccess
52016Climatic Signals from Intra-annual Density Fluctuation Frequency in Mediterranean Pines at a Regional ScaleZalloni, Enrica ; de Luis, Martin ; Campelo, Filipe ; Novak, Klemen ; De Micco, Veronica ; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Vieira, Joana ; Nabais, Cristina ; Rozas, Vicente ; Battipaglia, Giovanna articleopenAccess
62014Climatic signals of tree-ring width and intra-annual density fluctuations in Pinus pinaster and Pinus pinea along a latitudinal gradient in PortugalNabais, C. ; Campelo, F. ; Vieira, J. ; Cherubini, P. articleopenAccess
714-Mar-2008Climatic significance of tree-ring width and intra-annual wood features in Pinus pinea L. and Quercus ilex L.Campelo, Filipe José Valente doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
8Mar-2023A critical thermal transition driving spring phenology of Northern Hemisphere conifersHuang, Jian-Guo ; Zhang, Yaling; Wang, Minhuang; Yu, Xiaohan; Deslauriers, Annie ; Fonti, Patrick ; Liang, Eryuan ; Mäkinen, Harri ; Oberhuber, Walter ; Rathgeber, Cyrille B. K. ; Tognetti, Roberto; Treml, Vaclav ; Yang, Bao; Zhai, Lihong; Zhang, Jiao-Lin; Antonucci, Serena; Bergeron, Yves; Camarero, Jesus Julio ; Campelo, Filipe ; Čufar, Katarina ; Cuny, Henri E. ; De Luis, Martin ; Fajstavr, Marek; Giovannelli, Alessio; Gričar, Jožica ; Gruber, Andreas ; Gryc, Vladimír ; Güney, Aylin; Jyske, Tuula ; Kašpar, Jakub; King, Gregory ; Krause, Cornelia ; Lemay, Audrey; Liu, Feng; Lombardi, Fabio; del Castillo, Edurne Martinez ; Morin, Hubert ; Nabais, Cristina ; Nöjd, Pekka ; Peters, Richard L; Prislan, Peter ; Saracino, Antonio; Shishov, Vladimir V; Swidrak, Irene ; Vavrčík, Hanuš ; Vieira, Joana ; Zeng, Qiao; Liu, Yu; Rossi, SergioarticleopenAccess
92022Decoupled leaf-wood phenology in two pine species from contrasting climates: Longer growing seasons do not mean more radial growthCamarero, J. Julio; Campelo, Filipe ; Colangelo, Michele; Valeriano, Cristina; Knorre, Anastasia; Solé, Germán; Rubio-Cuadrado, ÁlvaroarticleopenAccess
102017Dendrochronology of maritime pine in the middle of the Atlantic OceanVieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleembargoedAccess
112022Environment Controls Seasonal and Daily Cycles of Stem Diameter Variations in Portuguese Oak (Quercus faginea Lambert)Vieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleopenAccess
122021Extreme Growth Increments Reveal Local and Regional Climatic Signals in Two Pinus pinaster PopulationsVieira, Joana ; Nabais, Cristina ; Campelo, Filipe articleopenAccess
132023Growth phenology adjusts to seasonal changes in water availability in coexisting evergreen and deciduous mediterranean oaksCampelo, Filipe ; Rubio-Cuadrado, Álvaro; Montes, Fernando; Colangelo, Michele; Valeriano, Cristina; Camarero, J. JulioarticleopenAccess
142010Intra-annual density fluctuations of Pinus pinaster are a record of climatic changes in the western Mediterranean regionVieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleclosedAccess
152015Plastic Response of Tracheids in Pinus pinaster in a Water-Limited Environment: Adjusting Lumen Size instead of Wall ThicknessCarvalho, Ana ; Nabais, Cristina ; Vieira, Joana ; Rossi, Sergio ; Campelo, Filipe articleopenAccess
162017Rain exclusion affects cambial activity in adult maritime pinesVieira, Joana ; Nabais, Cristina ; Rossi, Sergio ; Carvalho, Ana ; Freitas, Helena ; Campelo, Filipe articleembargoedAccess
17Sep-2019Seasonal adjustment of primary and secondary growth in maritime pine under simulated climatic changesVieira, Joana ; Moura, Mikael Alvites ; Nabais, Cristina ; Freitas, Helena ; Campelo, Filipe articleembargoedAccess
182013Seasonal and daily cycles of stem radial variation of Pinus pinaster in a drought-prone environmentVieira, Joana ; Rossi, Sergio ; Campelo, Filipe ; Freitas, Helena ; Nabais, Cristina articleembargoedAccess
192016Structure and Function of Intra–Annual Density Fluctuations: Mind the GapsBattipaglia, Giovanna ; Campelo, Filipe ; Vieira, Joana ; Grabner, Michael ; De Micco, Veronica ; Nabais, Cristina ; Cherubini, Paolo ; Carrer, Marco ; Bräuning, Achim ; Čufar, Katarina ; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; García-González, Ignacio ; Koprowski, Marcin ; Klisz, Marcin ; Kirdyanov, Alexander V. ; Zafirov, Nikolay ; de Luis, Martin articleopenAccess
202016tracheideR—An R package to standardize tracheidogramsCampelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina ; Carvalho, Ana ; Vieira, Joana articleembargoedAccess
212020Tree Growth Under Climate Change: Evidence From Xylogenesis Timings and KineticsVieira, Joana ; Carvalho, Ana ; Campelo, Filipe articleopenAccess
222013Tree-ring growth and intra-annual density fluctuations of Pinus pinaster responses to climate: does size matter?Campelo, Filipe ; Vieira, Joana ; Nabais, Cristina articleembargoedAccess
232014Which matters most for the formation of intra-annual density fluctuations in Pinus pinaster: age or size?Campelo, Filipe ; Vieira, Joana ; Battipaglia, Giovanna ; de Luis, Martin ; Nabais, Cristina ; Freitas, Helena ; Cherubini, Paolo articleembargoedAccess
242015Woody biomass production lags stem-girth increase by over one month in coniferous forestsCuny, Henri E. ; Rathgeber, Cyrille B. K. ; Frank, David ; Fonti, Patrick ; Mäkinen, Harri ; Prislan, Peter ; Rossi, Sergio ; del Castillo, Edurne Martinez ; Campelo, Filipe ; Vavrčík, Hanuš ; Camarero, Jesus Julio ; Bryukhanova, Marina V. ; Jyske, Tuula ; Gričar, Jožica ; Gryc, Vladimír ; De Luis, Martin ; Vieira, Joana ; Čufar, Katarina ; Kirdyanov, Alexander V. ; Oberhuber, Walter ; Treml, Vaclav ; Huang, Jian-Guo ; Li, Xiaoxia ; Swidrak, Irene ; Deslauriers, Annie ; Liang, Eryuan ; Nöjd, Pekka ; Gruber, Andreas ; Nabais, Cristina ; Morin, Hubert ; Krause, Cornelia ; King, Gregory ; Fournier, Meriem articleembargoedAccess
251-Apr-2018Xylogenesis in the early life stages of maritime pineVieira, Joana ; Carvalho, Ana ; Campelo, Filipe articleembargoedAccess
262014Xylogenesis of Pinus pinaster under a Mediterranean climateVieira, Joana ; Rossi, Sergio ; Campelo, Filipe ; Freitas, Helena ; Nabais, Cristina articleembargoedAccess