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12008Assessing estuarine environmental quality using fish-based indices: Performance evaluation under climatic instabilityMartinho, F. ; Viegas, I. ; Dolbeth, M. ; Leitão, R. ; Cabral, H. N. ; Pardal, M. A. articleopenAccess
22005Biology, population dynamics and secondary production of the green crab Carcinus maenas (L.) in a temperate estuaryBaeta, A. ; Cabral, H. N. ; Neto, J. M. ; Marques, J. C. ; Pardal, M. A. articleopenAccess
3Aug-2009Environmental effects on the recruitment variability of nursery speciesMartinho, F. ; Dolbeth, M. ; Viegas, I. ; Teixeira, C. M. ; Cabral, H. N. ; Pardal, M. A. articleopenAccess
419-Nov-2009Estuarine fish assemblages as indicators of environmental changes: the Mondego estuary case studyMartinho, Filipe Miguel Duarte doctoralThesisopenAccess
52008Estuarine production of resident and nursery fish species: Conditioning by drought events?Dolbeth, M. ; Martinho, F. ; Viegas, I. ; Cabral, H. ; Pardal, M. A. articleopenAccess
62006Feeding ecology of the green crab, Carcinus maenas (L., 1758) in a temperate estuary, PortugalBaeta, Alexandra ; Cabral, Henrique N. ; Marques, João C. ; Pardal, Miguel A. articleopenAccess
72006Feeding ecology, population structure and distribution of Pomatoschistus microps (Krøyer, 1838) and Pomatoschistus minutus (Pallas, 1770) in a temperate estuary, PortugalLeitão, R. ; Martinho, F. ; Neto, J. M. ; Cabral, H. ; Marques, J. C. ; Pardal, M. A. articleopenAccess
82007The fish assemblage of the Mondego estuary: composition, structure and trends over the past two decadesLeitão, Ricardo ; Martinho, F. ; Cabral, H. ; Neto, J. ; Jorge, I. ; Pardal, M. articleopenAccess
92007The influence of an extreme drought event in the fish community of a southern Europe temperate estuaryMartinho, F. ; Leitão, R. ; Viegas, I. ; Dolbeth, M. ; Neto, J. M. ; Cabral, H. N. ; Pardal, M. A. articleopenAccess
102013Juvenile nursery colonization patterns for the European flounder (Platichthys flesus): A latitudinal approachMartinho, Filipe ; van der Veer, Henk W. ; Cabral, Henrique N. ; Pardal, M. A. articleopenAccess
1120-Feb-2008Macrozoobenthic and fish production of the Mondego estuary : anthropogenic and climate variability impactSilva, Marina Paula Dolbeth Henriques da doctoralThesisopenAccess
122005O estuário do Mondego como viveiro para a ictiofauna : ecologia dos juvenis de Dicentrarchus labrax, Platichthys flesus e Solea soleaMartinho, Filipe Miguel Duarte masterThesisopenAccess
13Jan-2009Spatial and temporal patterns of benthic invertebrates in the Tagus estuary, Portugal: comparison between subtidal and an intertidal mudflatFrança, Susana ; Vinagre, Catarina ; Pardal, Miguel A. ; Cabral, Henrique N. articleopenAccess
142007Strategies of Pomatoschistus minutus and Pomatoschistus microps to cope with environmental instabilityDolbeth, M. ; Martinho, F. ; Leitão, R. ; Cabral, H. ; Pardal, M. A. articleopenAccess
152008The impact of climate instability in the fish assemblage of the Mondego Estuary (Portugal)Baptista, Joana Luísa Simões Bento masterThesisopenAccess