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Cunha, Maria
Cunha, Maria Conceição
Cunha, M. C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Sep-2015Abatement vs. treatment for efficient diffuse source water pollution management in terrestrial-marine systemsRoebeling, P. C. ; Cunha, M. C. ; Arroja, L. ; van Grieken, M. E. articleopenAccess
222-Feb-2019Adaptação da exploração de albufeiras a cenários climáticos futurosBento, Catia Sofia Cruz masterThesisopenAccess
3May-2017Adapted optimization model for planning regional wastewater systems: case studyZeferino, J. A. ; Cunha, M. C. ; Antunes, A. P. articleopenAccess
4Sep-2021Adoption and diffusion of marine litter clean-up technologies across European seas: Legal, institutional and financial drivers and barriersFrantzi, Sofia; Brouwer, Roy; Watkins, Emma; van Beukering, Pieter; Cunha, Maria da Conceição ; Dijkstra, Hanna; Duijndam, Sem; Jaziri, Hela; Okoli, Ikechukwu Charles; Pantzar, Mia; Rada Cotera, Ignacio; Rehdanz, Katrin; Seidel, Karsten; Triantaphyllidis, GeorgearticleopenAccess
51-Sep-2017Closure to “Systemic Approach for the Capacity Expansion of Multisource Water-Supply Systems under Uncertainty” by João Vieira and Maria CunhaVieira, João ; Cunha, Maria da Conceição articleopenAccess
6May-2013Coverage Methods for Early Groundwater Contamination DetectionNunes, Luís Miguel ; Cunha, Maria da Conceição ; Ribeiro, Luís articleopenAccess
72014Dealing with Uncertainty through Real Options for the Multi-objective Design of Water Distribution NetworksMarques, J. ; Cunha, M. ; Savić, D. ; Giustolisi, O. articleopenAccess
82014Decision Support for Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks: A Real Options ApproachMarques, J. ; Cunha, M. ; Savić, D. A. articleopenAccess
92017A decision support model for the optimal siting and sizing of storage units in stormwater drainage systemsCunha, M. C. ; Zeferino, J. A. ; Simões, N. E. ; Santos, G. L. ; Saldarriaga, J. G. articleopenAccess
10May-2016Decision Support Systems for Real-World High-Speed Rail PlanningCosta, Ana Laura ; Cunha, Maria da Conceição ; Coelho, Paulo A. L. F. ; Einstein, Herbert H. articleopenAccess
11Apr-2022A Delphi Based Approach to the Assessment of New Marine Litter Reduction and Processing TechnologiesCunha, Maria C. ; Marques, João; Dias, Luís C. ; Cotera, Ignacio Rada; Triantaphyllidis, GeorgearticleopenAccess
122000Dimensionamento optimizado de redes de distribuição de águaRibeiro, Luísa Margarida Pontes Neves Lourenço masterThesisopenAccess
13Dec-2014Evolutionary algorithms and other metaheuristics in water resources: Current status, research challenges and future directionsMaier, H.R. ; Kapelan, Z. ; Kasprzyk, J. ; Kollat, J. ; Matott, L.S. ; Cunha, M. C. ; Dandy, G. C. ; Gibbs, M. S. ; Keedwell, E. ; Marchi, A. ; Ostfeld, A. ; Savic, D. ; Solomatine, D. P. ; Vrugt, J. A. ; Zecchin, A. C. ; Minsker, B. S. ; Barbour, E. J. ; Kuczera, G. ; Pasha, F. ; Castelletti, A. ; Giuliani, M. ; Reed, P. M. articleopenAccess
142020Functional Feasibility in Optimal Evaluation of Water Distribution Network PerformancesFuso, Flavia; Cunha, Maria C. ; Becciu, GianfrancoarticleopenAccess
155-Sep-2017Impactos das alterações climáticas em sistemas hídricos com múltiplos usosLuís, Ricardo André Costa masterThesisopenAccess
16Mar-2014Mainstreaming Sustainable Decision-making for Ecosystems: Integrating Ecological and Socio-economic Targets within a Decision Support SystemPinto, Rute ; Cunha, Maria da Conceição ; Roseta-Palma, Catarina ; Marques, João Carlos articleopenAccess
177-Apr-2014Modelos de Apoio à Decisão para a Gestão de Sistemas de Abastecimento de Água de Múltiplas OrigensVieira, João Carlos dos Santos Alves doctoralThesisopenAccess
1813-Sep-2013Modelos decisionais para a gestão de sistemas aquíferosRaimundo, João António Gomes masterThesisopenAccess
19Jan-2015Multi-objective optimization of water distribution systems based on a real options approachMarques, João ; Cunha, Maria ; Savić, Dragan A. articleopenAccess
202015A Multicriteria Approach for a Phased Design of Water Distribution NetworksMarques, João ; Cunha, Maria ; Savić, Dragan articleopenAccess
212022Multicriteria Decision Analysis Addressing Marine and Terrestrial Plastic Waste Management: A ReviewSantos, Murilo R.; Dias, Luís C. ; Cunha, Maria C. ; Marques, João R. articleopenAccess
2223-Feb-2021Natural Hazard Management in Railway Infrastructures Considering a Climate Change Scenario The North Line: Alfarelos-Pampilhosa SectionDomingues, João Vinhas MendesmasterThesisopenAccess
231-Mar-2017Nested optimization approach for the capacity expansion of multiquality water supply systems under uncertaintyVieira, João ; Cunha, Maria Conceição articleopenAccess
242006OPAH a model for optimal design of multipurpose small hydropower plantsAlmeida, J. P. P. G. Lopes de ; Lejeune, A. G. Henri ; Marques, J. A. A. Sá ; Cunha, M. Conceição articleopenAccess
252006Optimal estuarine sediment monitoring network design with simulated annealingNunes, L. M. ; Caeiro, S. ; Cunha, M. C. ; Ribeiro, L. articleopenAccess
26Sep-2016Optimal location and sizing of storage units in a drainage systemCunha, Maria C. ; Zeferino, João A. ; Simões, Nuno E. ; Saldarriaga, Juan G. articleopenAccess
272004Optimal Space-time Coverage and Exploration Costs in Groundwater Monitoring NetworksNunes, L. M. ; Cunha, M. C. ; Ribeiro, L. articleopenAccess
282011Optimization models for wastewater systems planning at regional level : deterministic and robust approachesZeferino, João António Duarte doctoralThesisopenAccess
29Dec-2017Optimization of a hydrometric network extension using specific flow, kriging and simulated annealingChebbi, Afef ; Kebaili Bargaoui, Zoubeida ; Abid, Nesrine ; Cunha, Maria da Conceição articleembargoedAccess
3016-Dec-2013Planning for Robust High-Speed Rail Systems: the Effects of Natural HazardsCosta, Ana Laura Domingues doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
31Nov-2014Planning regional wastewater systems across bordersZeferino, João A. ; Cunha, Maria C. ; Antunes, António P. articleopenAccess
322017Ranking Alternatives for the Flexible Phased Design of Water Distribution NetworksMarques, João ; Cunha, Maria ; Savić, Dragan articleopenAccess
332020Reducing Flood Risk in Changing Environments: Optimal Location and Sizing of Stormwater Tanks Considering Climate ChangeSaldarriaga, Juan G. ; Salcedo, Camilo; Solarte, Laura; Pulgarín, Laura; Rivera, Maria Laura; Camacho, Mariana; Iglesias-Rey, Pedro L.; Martínez-Solano, Francisco Javier; Cunha, Maria articleopenAccess
34Mar-2014Regional Wastewater System Planning under Population Dynamics UncertaintyZeferino, João A. ; Antunes, António P. ; Cunha, Maria C. articleopenAccess
3520-Sep-2017Resolução de problemas de otimização de sistemas de distribuição de água - Novos procedimentos para o melhoramento do desempenho de algoritmos heurísticosMarques, Alexandre Duarte Aquino masterThesisopenAccess
362021Robust Design of a Real-Life Water Distribution Network under Different Demand ScenariosVertommen, Ina ; van Laarhoven, Karel; Cunha, Maria da Conceição articleopenAccess
372-Dec-2013Robust design of water distribution networks for a proactive risk and uncertainty managementMarques, João Carlos Rosa doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
38May-2015Scaling Water Consumption StatisticsVertommen, Ina ; Magini, Roberto ; Cunha, Maria da Conceição articleopenAccess
39Jun-2013Solving High-Speed Rail Planning with the Simulated Annealing AlgorithmCosta, Ana Laura ; Cunha, Maria da Conceição ; Coelho, Paulo A. L. F. ; Einstein, Herbert H. articleopenAccess
401-Oct-2016Systemic approach for the capacity expansion of multisource water-supply systems under uncertaintyVieira, João ; Cunha, Maria articleopenAccess
412004Tabu search algorithms for water network optimizationCunha, Maria da Conceição ; Ribeiro, Luísa articleopenAccess
422021Understanding the Impact of a Major Hydro-Agricultural Project in Low Mondego Area (Portugal)Cunha, Maria ; Marques, João ; Azevedo, José ; Castilho, Ana articleopenAccess
43Jan-2015Using real options for an eco-friendly design of water distribution systemsMarques, João ; Cunha, Maria ; Savić, Dragan A. articleopenAccess
44Feb-2015Using Real Options in the Optimal Design of Water Distribution NetworksMarques, João ; Cunha, Maria ; Savić, Dragan articleopenAccess
4531-Jan-2017Water Network Design Using a Multiobjective Real Options FrameworkMarques, João ; Cunha, Maria ; Savić, Dragan ; Giustolisi, Orazio articleopenAccess