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Alves, Francisco
Alves, Francisco
Alves, Francisco
Alves, F.
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Francisco Alves graduated in Physics Engineering at the University of Coimbra in 1992, completed a MSc. in Biomedical Engineering in 1996 and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences in 2003 after a scholarship at the PET & Cyclotron Center in the national hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark. From 1999, he included the experts’ team that projected and implemented ICNAS - Institute for Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health of the University of Coimbra - the first research and clinical PET & Cyclotron center in Portugal, where actually leads the cyclotron research, operation and maintenance activities and coordinates the Radiation Protection Office, while being Professor at Coimbra Health School. He is member of the coordination board of Cycleur - European Network of Cyclotron Research Centers, invited lecturer at the European School of Nuclear Medicine and regularly invited as international expert for the IAEA. Author of several scientific papers, his main research interest is the production of radiometals using cyclotron liquid targets, with pioneer work in the production of clinical doses of 64Cu and 61Cu and, most notably, pharmaceutical grade 68Ga, being co-author of a patented production process.
Francisco Alves was granted the IBA-award for best scientific paper in cyclotrons in 2016.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Sep-2016Application of ICP-MS in the optimisation of a new methodology for 68Ga production in a PET dedicated cyclotronSilva, Magda Filipa Carvalho masterThesisopenAccess
22018Automated Purification of Radiometals Produced by Liquid TargetsAlves, Vítor H. P. ; Carmo, Sérgio do ; Alves, Francisco ; Abrunhosa, Antero articleopenAccess
34-Sep-2020Chronobiological Effects on Mountain Biking PerformanceSilveira, António ; Alves, Francisco ; Teixeira, Ana Maria ; Rama, Luís articleopenAccess
44-Oct-2013Cyclotron Production of 68Ga using a natZn-based liquid targetMoreira, Hugo Manuel Ramos masterThesisopenAccess
52018Cyclotron Production of Unconventional Radionuclides for PET Imaging: the Example of Titanium-45 and Its ApplicationsCosta, Pedro; Metello, Luís; Alves, Francisco ; Naia, M. Duarte articleopenAccess
62003Estudo da viabilidade de produção de carbono -10 em ciclotrões de baixa energia para utilização em PET.Alves, Francisco José Cerqueira doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
7Sep-2012Estudo do desmantelamento de uma instalação com valências de imagiologia molecular e produção de radioisótoposCosta, Marco Gilles Rodrigues masterThesisopenAccess
82022Experimental Determination of Excitation Function Curves through the Measurement of Thick Target Yields in Liquid Targets: The Examples of the 68Zn(p,n)68Ga and 64Zn(p,α)61Cu Nuclear ReactionsCarmo, Sérgio do ; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
912-Oct-2023Fully Automated Production of [68Ga]GaFAPI-46 with Gallium-68 from Cyclotron Using Liquid TargetsFonseca, Alexandra I. ; Alves, Vítor H. ; Hrynchak, Ivanna ; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
108-Sep-2021Highlight selection of radiochemistry and radiopharmacy developments by editorial boardAlves, Francisco ; Antunes, Inês F; Cazzola, Emiliano; Cleeren, Frederik; Cornelissen, Bart; Denkova, Antonia ; Engle, Jonathan; Faivre-Chauvet, Alain; Gillings, Nic; Hendrikx, Jeroen J M A; Jalilian, Amir R; van der Meulen, Nicholas P; Mikolajczak, Renata; Neels, Oliver C; Pillai, Maroor R A; Reilly, Raymond; Rubow, Sietske; Seimbille, Yann; Spreckelmeyer, Sarah; Szymanski, Wiktor; Taddei, CarlottaarticleopenAccess
1123-Mar-2023Highlight selection of radiochemistry and radiopharmacy developments by editorial boardKiss, Oliver C.; Scott, Peter J. H.; Behe, Martin; Penuelas, Ivan; Passchier, Jan; Rey, Ana; Patt, Marianne; Aime, Silvio ; Jalilian, Amir; Laverman, Peter; Cheng, Zhen; Chauvet, Alain Faivre; Engle, Jonathan; Cleeren, Frederik; Zhu, Hua; Vercouillie, Johnny; van Dam, Michael; Zhang, Ming Rong; Perk, Lars; Guillet, Benjamin; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
1216-Nov-2020Implementação de um Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade segundo a NP EN ISO 9001:2015 na organização FluidomicaSimões, Margarida NunesmasterThesisembargoedAccess
13Sep-2010Implementation of a cyclotron-based neutron beamline: a viability studyPinto, Marco António Ferreira masterThesisopenAccess
146-Dec-2019Production and purification of radiometals for theranostics via liquid target in a medical cyclotronAlves, Vítor Hugo PereiradoctoralThesisembargoedAccess
1510-Jan-2020Production of radiometals in liquid targetsCarmo, Sérgio J. C. do ; Scott, Peter J. H.; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
16Sep-2010Radiobiology with proton cyclotron beams: a viability studyCunha, Micaela dos Santos masterThesisopenAccess
172019Simple, Immediate and Calibration-Free Cyclotron Proton Beam Energy Determination Using Commercial TargetsCarmo, Sérgio J. C. do ; Oliveira, Pedro M. ; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
1828-Sep-2017Sistemas de Monitorização de Radioatividade AmbientalTondela, Joao Antonio de Sousa Machado Mota e masterThesisembargoedAccess
192019Special Issue ”Instruments and Methods for Cyclotron Produced Radioisotopes”Braccini, Saverio; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
2027-Feb-2020Synthesis Optimisation of High Specific Activity Carbon-11 Radiopharmaceuticals for Brain PET StudiesRodrigues, Iolanda Beatriz AlbuquerquemasterThesisopenAccess
212018A Target-Temperature Monitoring System for Cyclotron Targets: Safety Device and Tool to Experimentally Validate Targetry StudiesCarmo, Sérgio do ; Oliveira, Pedro M. de ; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
222021Thermal Simulation Studies for the Characterization of a Cyclotron Liquid Target with Thick Niobium Target WindowsCarmo, Sérgio J. C. do ; Oliveira, Pedro; Alves, Francisco articleopenAccess
2325-Jul-2019Thermal Simulation Studies of a Cyclotron Liquid Target with Thick Niobium WindowOliveira, Pedro Manuel Fernandes demasterThesisopenAccess