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Aime, Silvio
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
17-May-1997Conformational and Coordination Equilibria on DOTA Complexes of Lanthanide Metal Ions in Aqueous Solution Studied by 1H-NMR SpectroscopyAime, Silvio ; Botta, Mauro ; Fasano, Mauro ; Marques, M. Paula M. ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. ; Pubanz, Dirk ; Merbach, André E. articleopenAccess
22011Innovative Platforms for MRI : based ApplicationsFigueiredo, Sara Rute de Carvalhal doctoralThesisopenAccess
32007An iron-based T1 contrast agent made of iron-phosphate complexes: In vitro and in vivo studiesRodríguez, Elisenda ; Simoes, Rui ; Roig, Anna ; Molins, Elies ; Nedelko, Nataliya ; Slawska-Waniewska, Anna ; Aime, Silvio ; Arús, Carles ; Cabañas, Miquel ; Sanfeliu, Coral ; Cerdán, Sebastián ; García-Martín, Maria articleopenAccess
41995NMR conformational study of the lanthanide(III) complexes of DOTA in aqueous solutionMarques, M. P. M. ; Geraldes, C. F. G. C. ; Sherry, A. D. ; Merbach, A. E. ; Powell, H. ; Pubanz, D. ; Aime, S. ; Botta, M. articleopenAccess
52004Towards Targeted MRI: New MRI Contrast Agents for Sialic Acid DetectionFrullano, Luca ; Rohovec, Jan ; Aime, Silvio ; Maschmeyer, Thomas ; Prata, M. Isabel ; Lima, J. J. Pedroso de ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. ; Peters, Joop A. articleopenAccess