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1Jan-2022Buckling resistance of concrete-filled cold-formed steel (CF-CFS) built-up short columns under compressionRahnavard, Rohola ; Craveiro, Hélder D. ; Simões, Rui A. ; Laim, Luís ; Santiago, Aldina articleembargoedAccess
22022Effect of using biomass fly ash on the concrete sustainabilityTeixeira, Elisabete Rodrigues; Camões, Aires; Branco, Fernando G. articleopenAccess
32022Equivalent temperature prediction for concrete-filled cold-formed steel (CF-CFS) built-up column sections (part A)Rahnavard, Rohola ; Craveiro, Hélder D. ; Simões, Rui A. ; Santiago, Aldina articleopenAccess
42022Performance of Low-Height Railway Noise Barriers with Porous MaterialsLázaro, João ; Pereira, Matheus; Costa, Pedro Alves; Godinho, Luís articleopenAccess
52021Reducing Soil Permeability Using Bacteria-Produced BiopolymerMendonça, Amanda ; Morais, Paula V. ; Pires, Ana Cecília ; Chung, Ana Paula ; Oliveira, Paulo J. Venda articleopenAccess