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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
6-Nov-2020Cálculo de Probabilidade de Ruína em Modelos AtuariaisTavares, Diana PiresmasterThesisopenAccess
1998A central limit theorem for associated variablesOliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
2006Convergence rates for the estimation of two-dimensional distribution functions under association and estimation of the covariance of the limit empirical processHenriques, Carla ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo articleopenAccess
2008Convergence rates for the strong law of large numbers under associationHenriques, Carla ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
1999Covariance estimator for associated random variablesHenriques, Carla ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
2003Covariance of the limit empirical process under association: consistency and rates for the histogramHenriques, Carla ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
2001Density estimation for associated sampling: a point process influenced approachOliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
Feb-2015Estimação não-paramétrica do Valor em RiscoOliveira, Ana Filipa Almeida masterThesisopenAccess
2005An exponential inequality for associated variablesOliveira, Paulo Eduardo articleopenAccess
2002Exponential rates for kernal density estimation under associationHenriques, Carla ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
1999Histogram estimation of Radon-Nikodym derivatives for strong mixing dataBensaïd, Nadia ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
1998Histograms and associated point processesJacob, Pierre ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
1999Histograms and Associated Point ProcessesJacob, Pierre ; Oliveira, Paulo articleopenAccess
Jul-2016Inferência topológica computacionalPicado, Nuno Amaral masterThesisopenAccess
2008Large deviations for the empirical mean of associated random variablesHenriques, Carla ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo articleopenAccess
2010Local smoothing with given marginalsJacob, Pierre ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
1998Mean square error for histograms when estimating Radon-Nikodym derivativesOliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
2016A moderate deviation for associated random variablesÇaǧın, Tonguç ; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardo ; Torrado, Nuria articleembargoedAccess
2005Nonparametric density and regression estimation for functional dataOliveira, Paulo Eduardo preprintopenAccess
29-Mar-2017Nonparametric estimation of Expected ShortfallGomes, André Filipe Correia masterThesisopenAccess