Title: Combining Computational and Biochemical Studies for a Rationale on the Anti-Aromatase Activity of Natural Polyphenols
Authors: Neves, Marco A. C. 
Dinis, Teresa C. P. 
Colombo, Giorgio 
Melo, M. Luísa Sá e 
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: ChemMedChem. 2:12 (2007) 1750-1762
Abstract: Aromatase, an enzyme of the cytochrome P450 family, is a very important pharmacological target, particularly for the treatment of breast cancer. The anti-aromatase activity of a set of natural polyphenolic compounds was evaluated in vitro. Strong aromatase inhibitors including flavones, flavanones, resveratrol, and oleuropein, with activities comparable to that of the reference anti-aromatase drug aminoglutethimide, were identified. Through the application of molecular modeling techniques based on grid-independent descriptors and molecular interaction fields, the major physicochemical features associated with inhibitory activity were disclosed, and a putative virtual active site of aromatase was proposed. Docking of the inhibitors into a 3D homology model structure of the enzyme defined a common binding mode for the small molecules under investigation. The good correlation between computational and biological results provides the first rationalization of the anti-aromatase activity of polyphenolic compounds. Moreover, the information generated in this approach should be further exploited for the design of new aromatase inhibitors.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/8371
Rights: openAccess
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