Title: Perceived Parenting and Basic Need Satisfaction among Portuguese Adolescents
Authors: Cordeiro, Pedro 
Paixão, Maria Paula 
Lens, Willy 
Keywords: Adolescent;Adolescent Behavior;Adult;Female;Humans;Male;Parent-Child Relations;Parenting;Portugal;Young Adult;Personal Satisfaction;Self Concept
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: We examined the psychometric properties of the Parenting Questionnaire in a sample of Portuguese high school students. Two measurement models were specified. Model 1m,f specifies a bi-dimensional structure of parental need-support and behavioral control. Model 2m,f proposes a tripartite structure of parental need-support, psychological control and behavioral control. Model 2m,f. best-fitted the data, being also supported in terms of convergent, discriminant validity. Regression results found the unique effect of autonomy-support (M2mr, b = .25 p < .001; M2fr, b = .14 p < .01), responsiveness-warmth (Model 2mr, b = .19, p .05). Notably, psychological control predicted low need-satisfaction (M2mr: b = -.10) and moderated of the positive effect of parental need-support on need-satisfaction, M2mr: F(3, 367) = 11.62, p < .001. Psychological control and need-support also moderated the positive effect of behavior control on competence satisfaction, with parental need-support amplifying this effect and psychological control buffering it. Overall the findings support the substantive distinction between the parenting dimensions, suggesting that need-satisfaction is enhanced by need-supportive and behavioural control and undermined by psychological control.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/46931
Rights: openAccess
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