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Title: Response of clamped structural slabs subjected to a dynamic point load via BEM
Authors: António, J. 
Tadeu, A. 
Simões, N. 
Keywords: Boundary Element Method; Green's functions; free solid layer formation
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Engineering Structures. 25:3 (2003) 293-301
Abstract: This work computes the response of clamped slabs when subjected to spatially sinusoidal harmonic line loads via the Boundary Element Method (BEM). The formulation uses 2.5D Green's functions for the steady state response of a homogeneous three-dimensional free solid layer formation of infinite extent, proposed earlier by the authors. The inclusion of these Green's functions in the BEM formulation avoids the discretization of free horizontal surfaces, which contributes to the efficiency of the BEM model. Frequency and time responses have been computed for slabs with and without lateral confinements, for different thickness and varying spatially sinusoidal harmonic line loads.
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