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Title: Tepidimonas thermarum sp. nov., a new slightly thermophilic betaproteobacterium isolated from the Elisenquelle in Aachen and emended description of the genus Tepidimonas
Authors: Albuquerque, Luciana 
Tiago, Igor 
Veríssimo, António 
Costa, Milton S. 
Keywords: Tepidimonas thermarum; [beta]-subclass; Proteobacteria; Slightly thermophilic
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Systematic and Applied Microbiology. 29:6 (2006) 450-456
Abstract: Several non-pigmented bacterial isolates, with an optimum growth temperature of about 50-55 °C, were recovered from the Elisenquelle at Aachen, Germany. Phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequence of strains AA-1T and AA-2 indicated that these organisms represent a new species of the genus Tepidimonas. The major fatty acids of strains AA-1T and AA-2 are 16:0 and 16:1 [omega]7c. Ubiquinone 8 is the major respiratory quinone, the major polar lipids are phosphotidylethanolamine and phosphotidylglycerol. The new isolates are aerobic; thiosulfate is oxidized to sulfate in the presence of a metabolizable carbon source. The organism assimilated organic acids and amino acids, but did not assimilate carbohydrates or polyols. On the basis of the phylogenetic analyses, physiological and biochemical characteristics, we propose that strains AA-1T (=LMG 23094T; =CIP 108777T) and AA-2 (=LMG 23095; =CIP 108778) represents a new species for which we recommend the name Tepidimonas thermarum.
DOI: 10.1016/j.syapm.2005.12.004
Rights: openAccess
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