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17-Jun-2013O método do ângulo completo no sistema OpenGeoProverBaeta, Nuno Miguel dos SantosmasterThesis???browselist.access???
2014A Sismologia em CoimbraCarvalho, Sara; Custódio, Susanaarticle???browselist.access???
2010On categories with semidirect productsMartins-Ferreira, Nelson; Sobral, Manuelapreprint???browselist.access???
2010Presentations of Schützenberger groups of minimal subshiftsAlmeida, Jorge; Costa, Alfredopreprint???browselist.access???
2010Comprehensive factorization and universal I-central extensions in the Mal'cev contextBourn, Dominique; Rodelo, Dianapreprint???browselist.access???
2010On the well-posedness of a two-phase minimization problemUrbano, José Miguel; Vorotnikov, Dmitrypreprint???browselist.access???
2010Perfect category-graded algebrasSantana, Ana Paula; Yudin, Ivanpreprint???browselist.access???
2010Optimal control and quasi-velocitiesAbrunheiro, Lígia; Camarinha, Margarida; Cariñena, José F.; Clemente-Gallardo, Jesús; Martínez, Eduardo; Santos, Patriciapreprint???browselist.access???
2010On the semiclassical character of orthogonal polynomials satisfying structure relationsBranquinho, A.; Rebocho, M. N.preprint???browselist.access???
2010Rings of real functions in Pointfree TopologyGutiérrez García, Javier; Picado, Jorgepreprint???browselist.access???
2010Relative asymptotics for orthogonal matrix polynomialsBranquinho, A.; Marcellán, F.; Mendes, A.preprint???browselist.access???
2010A new characterization of Goursat categoriesGran, Marino; Rodelo, Dianapreprint???browselist.access???
2010Local smoothing with given marginalsJacob, Pierre; Oliveira, Paulo Eduardopreprint???browselist.access???
2010Drug delivery: from a contact lens to the anterior chamberFerreira, J. A.; Oliveira, P. de; Silva, P. M. da; Murta, J. N.preprint???browselist.access???
2010Flux Tracking in delivery polymeric systemsFerreira, J. A.; Oliveira, P. de; Silva, P. M. da; Simon, L.preprint???browselist.access???
2010Optimal convergence rates for the Strong Law of Large Numbers under AssociationOliveira, Paulo Eduardopreprint???browselist.access???
2010The flashing ratchet and unidirectional transport of matterVorotnikov, Dmitrypreprint???browselist.access???
2010Bilevel derivative-free optimization and its application to robust optimizationConn, Andrew R.; Vicente, L. N.preprint???browselist.access???
2010Worst case complexity of direct searchVicente, L. N.preprint???browselist.access???
2010Direct multisearch for multiobjective optimizationCustódio, A. L.; Madeira, J. F. A.; Vaz, A. I. F.; Vicente, L. N.preprint???browselist.access???
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