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Title: Evaluation of neurotoxic and neuroprotective pathways affected by antiepileptic drugs in cultured hippocampal neurons
Authors: Morte, Maria I. 
Carreira, Bruno P. 
Falcão, Maria J. 
Ambrosio, António M. 
Soares-da-Silva, Patrício 
Araújo, Inês M. 
Carvalho, Caetana M. 
Keywords: Eslicarbazepine; Carbamazepine; Oxcarbazepine; Lamotrigine; Valproate; Neurotoxicity
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.
Serial title, monograph or event: Toxicology in Vitro
Volume: 27
Issue: 8
Abstract: In this study we evaluated the neurotoxicity of eslicarbazepine acetate (ESL), and of its in vivo metabolites eslicarbazepine (S-Lic) and R-licarbazepine (R-Lic), as compared to the structurally-related compounds carbamazepine (CBZ) and oxcarbazepine (OXC), in an in vitro model of cultured rat hippocampal neurons. The non-related antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) lamotrigine (LTG) and sodium valproate (VPA) were also studied. We assessed whether AEDs modulate pro-survival/pro-apoptotic pathways, such as extracellularregulated kinase (ERK1/2), Akt and stress activated protein kinase/c-Jun N-terminal kinase (SAPK/JNK). We found that neither ESL nor its metabolites, CBZ or LTG, up to 0.3 mM, for 24 h of exposure, decreased cell viability. OXC was the most toxic drug decreasing cell viability in a concentration-dependent manner, leading to activation of caspase-3 and PARP cleavage. VPA caused the appearance of the apoptotic markers, but did not alter cell viability. ESL, S-Lic and OXC decreased the levels of phospho- ERK1/2 and of phospho-Akt, when compared to basal levels, whereas CBZ decreased phospho-SAPK/ JNK and phospho-Akt levels. LTG and VPA increased the phosphorylation levels of SAPK/JNK. These results suggest that ESL and its main metabolite S-Lic, as well as CBZ, LTG and VPA, are less toxic to hippocampal neurons than OXC, which was the most toxic agent.
ISSN: 0887-2333
DOI: 10.1016/j.tiv.2013.09.008
Rights: openAccess
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