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2017Women's intentions of informal and formal help-seeking for mental health problems during the perinatal period: The role of perceived encouragement from the partnerFonseca, Ana; Canavarro, Maria Cristinaarticle???browselist.access???
2017Attachment and Mental Help-Seeking in the Perinatal Period: The Role of StigmaFonseca, Ana; Moura-Ramos, Mariana; Canavarro, Maria Cristinaarticle???browselist.access???
Oct-2016Women's use of online resources and acceptance of e-mental health tools during the perinatal periodFonseca, Ana; Gorayeb, Ricardo; Canavarro, Maria Cristinaarticle???browselist.access???
2015Women’s help-seeking behaviors for depressive symptoms during the perinatal period: Socio-demographic and clinical correlates and perceived barriers to seeking professional help.Fonseca, Ana; Gorayeb, Ricardo; Canavarro, Mariaarticle???browselist.access???
2016Medical information concerning the infant’s congenital anomaly: Successful communication to support parental adjustment and transition.Fonseca, Ana; Nazaré, Bárbara; Canavarro, Maria Cristinaarticle???browselist.access???
2015Parenting an infant with a congenital anomaly: How are perceived burden and perceived personal benefits related to parenting stress?Fonseca, Ana; Nazaré, Bárbara; Canavarro, Maria Cristinaarticle???browselist.access???
Jun-2014The role of satisfaction with social support in perceived burden and stress of parents of six-month-old infants with a congenital anomaly: Actor and partner effects.Fonseca, Ana; Nazaré, Bárbara; Canavarro, Maria Cristinaarticle???browselist.access???
Jun-2014Parenting an infant with a congenital anomaly: An exploratory study on patterns of adjustment from diagnosis to six months post-birth.Fonseca, Ana; Nazaré, Bárbara; Canavarro, Maria Cristinaarticle???browselist.access???
13-Feb-2016Psychometric study of the European Portuguese version of the PedsQL 3.0 Cancer ModuleSantos, Susana; Crespo, Carla; Canavarro, M. Cristina; Fernandes, Ananda; Batalha, Luís; Diana, de Campos; Armando, Pintoarticle???browselist.access???
Aug-2014Indecisiveness and career indecision: a test of a theoretical modelSantos, Paulo Jorge; Ferreira, Joaquim Armando; Gonçalves, Carlos Manuelarticle???browselist.access???
1-Sep-2014Turning eating psychopathology risk factors into action: the pervasive effect of body image-related cognitive fusionFerreira, Cláudia; Palmeira, Lara; Trindade, Inês A.article???browselist.access???
Dec-2014Development of a mechanical maintenance training simulator in OpenSimulator for F-16 aircraft enginesPinheiro, André; Fernandes, Paulo; Maia, Ana; Cruz, Gonçalo; Pedrosa, Daniela; Fonseca, Benjamim; Paredes, Hugo; Martins, Paulo; Morgado, Leonel; Rafael, Jorgearticle???browselist.access???
Jan-2015Thinking about white bears: fertility issues in young breast cancer survivorsGonçalves, Vânia; Tarrier, Nicholas; Quinn, Gwendolynarticle???browselist.access???
Oct-2013Tool manipulation knowledge is retrieved by way of the ventral visual object processing pathwayAlmeida, Jorge; Fintzi, Anat R.; Mahon, Bradford Z.article???browselist.access???
Dec-2013The inaccuracy of national character stereotypesMcCrae, Robert R.; Chan, Wayne; Jussim, Lee; Fruyt, Filip De; Löckenhoff, Corinna E.; Bolle, Marleen De; Jr., Paul T. Costa; Hřebíčková, Martina; Graf, Sylvie; Realo, Anu; Allik, Jüri; Nakazato, Katsuharu; Shimonaka, Yoshiko; Yik, Michelle; Ficková, Emília; Brunner-Sciarra, Marina; Reátigui, Norma; Figueora, Nora Leibovich de; Schmidt, Vanina; Ahn, Chang-kyu; Ahn, Hyun-nie; Aguilar-Vafaie, Maria E.; Siuta, Jerzy; Szmigielska, Barbara; Cain, Thomas R.; Crawford, Jarret T.; Mastor, Khairul Anwar; Rolland, Jean-Pierre; Nansubuga, Florence; Miramontez, Daniel R.; Benet-Martínez, Veronica; Rossier, Jérôme; Bratko, Denis; Marušić, Iris; Halberstadt, Jamin; Yamaguchi, Mami; Knežević, Goran; Purić, Danka; Martin, Thomas A.; Gheorghiu, Mirona; Smith, Peter B.; Barbaranelli, Claudio; Wang, Lei; Shakespeare-Finch, Jane; Lima, Margarida P.; Klinkosz, Waldemar; Sekowski, Andrzej; Alcalay, Lidia; Simonetti, Franco; Avdeyeva, Tatyana V.; Pramila, V. S.; Terracciano, Antonioarticle???browselist.access???
Dec-2013Patient centred care in infertility health care: Direct and indirect associations with wellbeing during treatmentGameiro, Sofia; Canavarro, Maria Cristina; Boivin, Jackyarticle???browselist.access???
9-Jul-2013How to Measure Socioemotional Ties in Workgroups? Validation of Workgroup Socioaffective Interdependence ScaleAlves, Marta Pereira; Lourenço, Paulo Renato; Miguez, Joséarticle???browselist.access???
Dec-2013Intellectual functioning in children with epilepsy: Frontal lobe epilepsy, childhood absence epilepsy and benign epilepsy with centro-temporal spikesLopes, Ana Filipa; Simões, Mário Rodrigues; Monteiro, José Paulo; Fonseca, Maria José; Martins, Cristina; Ventosa, Lurdes; Lourenço, Laura; Robalo, Conceiçãoarticle???browselist.access???
10-Nov-2011Patterns of parental emotional reactions after a pre- or postnatal diagnosis of a congenital anomalyFonseca, Ana; Nazaré, Bárbara; Canavarro, Maria Cristinaarticle???browselist.access???
23-Jun-2013Examining the Links Between Perceived Impact of Pregnancy, Depressive Symptoms, and Quality of Life During Adolescent Pregnancy: The Buffering Role of Social SupportPires, Raquel; Araújo-Pedrosa, Anabela; Canavarro, Maria Cristinaarticle???browselist.access???
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