Title: Scaling the Information Load of Occupations: Preliminary Findings of the Fit Between Individual Capacities and Environmental Demands
Authors: Haase, Richard F. 
Ferreira, Joaquim Armando G. A. 
Santos, Eduardo J. R. 
Aguayo, Gina M. 
Fallon, Melissa M. 
Keywords: Information load;Information processing capacity;Magnitude estimation scaling;Person—Environment fit
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Sage Publications
Citation: Journal of Career Assessment. 16:2 (2008) 156-176
Abstract: Person—Environment (P-E) fit models provide a conceptually powerful way to think about career development, vocational choice, and occupational success. The work reported here focuses on yet another pair of P-E criteria: self-reported individual capacity for information processing (the ability to tolerate information overload from a variety of stimulus sources), and the corresponding demand characteristics for information processing of the occupational environment. To achieve the aims of this project, the authors have borrowed from the literature on information processing, anthropology, and human factors to define the information load context of the occupational environment. The authors have constructed a P-E congruence scheme for five domains of information processing: information load, interpersonal load, change load, activity structure, and time structure, and employed the methods of psychophysics to quantify occupational environments across these domains. The results of this preliminary work, replicated across two cultures, are presented here
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/12982
ISSN: 1069-0727
Rights: openAccess
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