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Title: The Making of Russian Foreign Policy: Lines of (Dis)continuity in a Process of Affirmation
Authors: Freire, Maria Raquel 
Keywords: Foreign policy; Multi-vectorial; Multipolar; Identity; Russian Federation
Issue Date: Jun-2008
Publisher: Centro de Estudos Sociais
Citation: Oficina do CES. 308 (2008).
Abstract: This paper looks at the dynamics underlying Russian foreign policy, with the aim of identifying drivers, strategies and goals in a process embedded in complexity. The domestic political setting and its interplay with the international context are fundamental elements in the analysis of the projection of Russian power and influence. In a constant search for balance between the national interest, international compromises and the bargaining/concessions duality, Russia has been pursuing a policy of affirmation, both in regional and international terms. However, this has been a course where lines of (dis)continuity produce fragile contours that are not always easy to grasp. Underlying this course are issues about Russian identity and how this plays a role both at the domestic level and in external policy dealings. However, an increasingly assertive tone is noticeable. Whether this is still an expression of a loss of empire not yet overcome or the result of powerful internal developments is here analyzed. This paper aims, thus, to analyze Russian foreign policy making, shedding light on lines of continuity and discontinuity in this continuous, though not linear, search for affirmation.
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